If Time and Money Were No Issue

By on October 25, 2013
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By Danna Demetre –

WHAT IF…time and money were no issue in your life. What would you be doing differently? Where would you go? What passions would you pursue if all the bills were paid, if you could quit your job, if you had more money in your bank account than you need. What if your schedule was suddenly wiped totally clear for the next year. What then? What…IF…IF…IF???  These kinds of questions intrigue me. I ask them of myself and I ask them of others. As I just completed my first year in my sixth decade of life, I keep on reminding myself of a fact: If I don’t do “it” now (whatever “it” is at the moment), then when? No matter how healthy and youthful I may be, time on this earth is running out.

Time is an issue. God gives us each daily packages of 86,400 seconds which cannot be saved up. When they are gone…they are gone. BUT…they CAN be invested intentionally by taking time to touch other lives and leave lasting, meaningful deposits.

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Money is an issue also. God placed us in physical bodies with physical needs for the first “phase” of our existence. How do we find the balance between what we WANT and what we NEED. Is it appropriate for Christians to work hard to gain financial freedom…and even wealth?

I will be blogging this summer on these and other issues of living in “time and space” as we live with our feet on earth and our eyes on Heaven. Finding the balance is sometimes difficult and I believe its worthy of an honest discussion. I invite you to visit my blog pages this summer and join in on the conversation. I’d love to hear how you think your life would be different IF time and money were no issue!

Self-described as a continuous “work in progress”, Danna knows what it means to be “transformed by the renewing of her mind”. A survivor of marital infidelity, the heartbreak of rebellious children, unrelenting panic attacks and prolonged bondage to food, she has personally discovered that God’s Word is truly “living and active and more powerful than a double-edged sword”. She often says “it is like a surgical knife that can cut out the lies we believe and replace them with truth”. Danna’s approach to integrating living truths of scripture with real life and her willingness to “go deep” and authentically share her own journey, has endeared her in the hearts of women around the world. Website: http://dannademetre.com/.



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If Time and Money Were No Issue