Brain and Body Performance Leader Launches Immersive, Personalized Golf Program

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A global leader in brain and body performance, Aviv Clinics, is now offering the Aviv Golf Performance Program, a world-class experience with more than 50 courses and three expert academies led by PGA/LPGA instructors, designed with an intensive focus on golf skill and capabilities. Centered around Aviv’s proprietary hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) medical treatment, the golf program has demonstrated to enhance strength, movement, balance, focus, attention, physical and mental stamina. [1]

Medical Golf Program

“Whether you’re a novice or a scratch golfer, you’re always dreaming for your next round to be your best round,” says Dave Globig, CEO for Aviv Clinics-U.S. “As people age, it’s not only the physical demands – needing to rest and recover between games – that hold us back, but it’s losing laser focus that truly lessens your ability. The Aviv Golf Performance Program is a comprehensive approach to transform your game.”

As part of the 12-week Aviv Medical Program, golfers will receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, personalized cognitive and fitness training, a nutrition plan, and golf coaching. At its core, the treatment has been scientifically proven to trigger the body’s natural regeneration capabilities. [2]

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“We take a systematic approach – harmonizing an in-depth medical assessment with professional golf analysis – to create an individualized plan and healthy aging trajectory,” says Aaron Tribby, M.S., head of physiology for Aviv Clinics-U.S. “Working with the medical team and professional golf instructors, we see golfers increase shot accuracy, improve swing efficiency and recovery time shorten – the lasting benefits give people an edge on and off the golf course.

The Aviv Golf Performance Program is comprised of the following:

  • Coaching sessions with PGA and LPGA instructors
  • Access to more than 50 area golf courses – including 12 championship golf and country clubs, 40 executive courses, two specialty courses and three instructional golf academies
  • Swing analysis – radar technology is used to gain objective metrics of your swing using irons, drivers, and wedges to analyze contact, spin, speed, body position, and angles.
  • Putting Analysis – intensive assessment of form and areas for improvement, all conducted in the putting lab using state-of-the-art technology and cameras.
  • Club fitting
  • Golf specific sports psychology session
  • Tailormade strength and conditioning regimen
  • Unlimited driving range access

Aviv Clinics is the title sponsor for the PGA European Tour’s Aviv Dubai Championship set to take place at Jumeriah Golf Estates, November 11-14.

Concierge Services

Additionally, Aviv Clinics offers complimentary concierge services developed with the consultation and training of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, to create exclusive lifestyle experiences and daily conveniences while undergoing the twelve-week brain health treatment. For sun-seeking Snowbirds flocking to Florida this winter, Aviv’s concierge team will manage logistical needs such as travel arrangements and living accommodations, designating a local ambassador to share infinite amenities in the immediate area. For locals and visitors looking for elevated experiences, Aviv concierge can provide exclusive access to private chefs, personal shoppers, and as of late PGA golfers and championship courses.

For more information, please call (352) 488-2848 or visit

[1] Preliminary research conducted by Aviv Clinics has indicated that clients ages 22 to 80 see an average improvement in these categories of up to 10%. Cognitive performance data is measured using NeuroTrax™, a computer application used by medical researchers to scientifically test and assess brain wellness across an array of cognitive domains.

[2] Hachmo Y, Hadanny A, Abu Hamed R, Daniel-Kotovsky M, Catalogna M, Fishlev G, Lang E, Polak N, Doenyas K, Friedman M, Zemel Y, Bechor Y, Efrati S. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and decreases immunosenescence in isolated blood cells: a prospective trial. Aging (Albany NY). 2020; 12:22445-22456.

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Brain and Body Performance Leader Launches Immersive, Personalized Golf Program
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