How Household Chores Can Help You Skip the Gym

By on March 17, 2020

Most homeowners over 50 put off routine chores due to hectic lives and busy schedules. However, performing these household tasks offers many surprising possible benefits such as relieving stress, burning calories, and staying healthy. The CDC encourages women over 50 to be active and exercise. LivingBetter50 has various household chores that help reap a variety of benefits.

Making the Bed

Making your bed before leaving the house is a perfect way to stretch your arms and back after a night of sleep. Begin by organizing your nightstand to put away books, glasses, lotions, or other items you might have used the night before, then neatly fold your pajamas and put them away. Not only will these practices leave your bedroom looking neat and make you feel productive, but they will also allow you to start your day with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Cooking Meals and Washing Dishes

Preparing meals can save you from paying for pricy dinners and allow you to make food exactly how you like it. Cooking can also be a perfect distraction when you feel stressed. Cutting and chopping vegetables are often considered therapeutic, kills boredom, and may reduce anxiety regarding meals, which can help improve your overall health. Cleaning kitchen appliances and dishes can also motivate you to prepare more meals, and studies indicate that individuals with a messy kitchen tend to cook less and resort to fast food. 

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Cleaning the House

Keeping your house clean prevents the accumulation of germs and bacteria while also inhibiting mold growth, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, and emptying trashcans are great ways to exercise the back, hands, and shoulders. You can also burn more calories and make cleaning more fun by putting on some music and dancing while you tidy up.


Carrying out various household chores keeps your home tidy, can help relieve stress, and can even be your new excuse to exercise. Owning or renting dumpsters and garbage bins can further motivate you to clean or declutter your house and sort out garbage. To learn more about how to make household chores benefit your health, check out this helpful infographic from Bin There Dump That.

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How Household Chores Can Help You Skip the Gym