Helping Your Daughter Plan a Wedding

By Lucy Parks—

Watching your daughter get married is one of the most incredible experiences you can have as a parent. Seeing the little girl you raised embark on a new chapter in her life with someone who loves her is a moment to cherish. However, making this special moment happy requires a lot of planning and forethought which can sometimes seem like too big of a task. As a parent, you can help your daughter out with getting this wedding on its feet, so your daughter can enjoy this once in a lifetime day, and you can be part of the celebrations. 

Getting married will mean your daughter is starting her own family with her partner, so it is worth using this planning period as an excuse to bond and spend quality time together before the big day. In this guide, you will get some pointers on how to get the ball rolling and see the wedding day start to take shape. 

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Hunting for the perfect venue

Before anything else, the first thing you need to sort out is the venue because this will set the entire tone of the wedding, be it classy or rustic, funky or sleek and modern, you need to find the best place possible for your daughter. One way to go is to find an outdoor wedding venue, such as Lot8 in San Diego. The advantage of having an outdoor space is that your daughter will be able to curate her own vision of her perfect wedding, all the while enjoying the wonderful summer weather. This will give her flexibility in choosing how to decorate and style the venue, allowing her to set up the seating and dance floor in whatever way she likes.

Keeping things coordinated

One thing you will need to sort out with your daughter is what theme she wants for the big day, so you need to know how to choose a theme and help her come to a decision she loves before buying any decorations or hiring anyone. To help make a good choice, you need to consider where she is getting married. For example, if you were in a hotel filled with red and gold, having a blue and silver theme would clash with the interior. Another consideration is the time of day, especially if she is getting married outside. If there is a sun setting, why not go with neutral, natural colors, adding flare with reds and oranges?

The dream wedding dress

The biggest task ahead for you and your daughter is finding the wedding dress of her dreams and you need to go into this will all the knowledge you can, so it’s worth looking up some tips for finding the perfect dress. For example, depending on the time of year the wedding is taking place in will change what fabrics are available to her, as she won’t want to be slipped into long-sleeved velvet if she’s walking down the aisle in the hot summer sun.

Seeing your daughter walk down the aisle is amazing, and with these little pointers, you can be a real help to her in making her dreams come true.

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Helping Your Daughter Plan a Wedding
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