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By on February 3, 2015
Heartfelt by Dr. Joneal Kirmby

By Dr. Joneal Kirby –

In previous generations women lived in close-knit communities and encouraged one another in all areas of life, including marriage, parenting, homemaking, service, and spirituality. But in today’s society, we often live far away from extended family, making it ever more difficult for women to establish those same levels of relationships.

In her new book, Heartfelt (Worthy Publishing, February 2015) Dr. Kirby shows how to develop connected relationships with other women, glean wisdom through their experiences, and gain a sense of emotional intimacy and wholeness from being heard, known, and supported by women who truly care about them.

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Through the stories of real women, mentors and mentees, Dr. Kirby unpacks the message from Titus 2 to guide women into meaningful relationships with other women. Through these relationships Dr. Kirby shows how the other roles women hold—daughter, wife, mom, sister, etc.—become more focused and fulfilling.

“We women have much in common, but one thing uniquely so: we crave and seek out connection. We need relationships with other women. And I mean authentic, meaningful, connecting relationships, not just casual, everyday interactions. Friendship with another Christian woman is a significant and beautiful and necessary thing.” (Introduction, Heartfelt)

“Women need women. Period. We need to bring each other into our personal spaces and lives and learn—or relearn—how to lean on each other. We have to make it happen. The rewards are too huge not to. The results are too important not to.” (Chapter Two; Missy Robertson’s Story, Heartfelt)

“The whole point is that we aren’t in the same place. As young women, we don’t need answers to the things we already know—we need answers to the things we don’t know but those other women do! We want our mentors to be in a different place from us. That’s what gives us the different perspective we need.” (Chapter Six; Miranda’s Story, Heartfelt)


Out of the ministry that initiated the book comes the inaugural Heart to Home Conference. Hosted by Heart to Home Ministry and Mason Jar Productions, the conference will feature founder Dr. Joneal Kirby, the Women of Duck Commander, and other national speakers on Feb. 6–7, 2015, in Monroe, La. Heart to Home is a multigenerational mentoring program based on the Titus 2:3–5 to help Christian women connect and develop meaningful relationships, and to encourage spiritual growth and development.

Heart to Home Ministry was founded in 2003 by Dr. Joneal Kirby. Now, for the first time, the principles of Heart to Home will be taught on a large scale at the Christian women’s conference to encourage women in their relationships, which in turn will strengthen their families, their parenting skills, and their walk with God.

The Women of Duck Commander—Kay Robertson, Missy Robertson, Korie Robertson, Jessica Robertson, Lisa Robertson, and Mia Robertson—have all been involved in and influenced by the ministry and principles of Heart to Home. They will be speaking in various sessions sharing their stories and how generational mentoring has impacted each of them in their marriages, families, and homes.

Duck Commander Women

Duck Commander Women

Ticket information is available at www.HeartToHomeConference.com. Prices start at $79 for general admission. The Heart to Home Conference will also be available to churches and individuals around the world via simulcast. For more information, visit HeartToHomeSimulcast.com


Joneal Kirby, Ph.D., is founding director of Heartfelt Ministry, a women’s mentoring program and conference. She is the author of HeartfeltHeart of a Family for Mom: Common Sense Parenting with Wisdom from the Word and Hope for YOUR FamilySix Keys to Connecting with Your Teen, in addition to more than fifty Bible studies.

Dr. Kirby earned a PhD in marriage and parenting from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and has taught about marriage and parenting for more than thirty years in churches, on the Legacy Network’s talk show Girlfriends, as a popular conference speaker, and as host of Heart to Home Radio. She and her husband have three children, a daughter-in-love and a son-in-love,


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