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By on February 3, 2015

By Maureen Wielansky –

My practice revolves around creating your own food plan that honors your unique bio-individuality. However, detoxing one’s body from the harmful effects of sugar requires a structured program, support, accountability and a system. Therefore I developed a program that walks my client through the process of letting go of sugar while enjoying delicious healthy meals.

The Knock Out Sugar program allows you to release up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks eating 5 healthy meals.

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These meals will stabilize your hormones and purge all the sugar and processing by-products from your body while adding delicious, good-for-you food. You will feel lighter, the brain fog disappears and your energy will skyrocket!

The Knock Out Sugar program has 9 Steps. Please note that when you follow these steps, you may suffer from fatigue, irritability and a slight headache. Be excited; your body is actively releasing the sugar from your system. Those symptoms will subside after a couple of days and be replaced with clarity, energy and weigh loss!

9 Steps to Knocking Out Sugar:

1. Take out the sugar.
Excess sugar causes our insulin to ride the roller coaster and as a result our body holds onto fat. By taking out all sugar we are forcing our body to stabilize our insulin levels and then increase the fire within our fat-burning furnace.

2. Cut out the grains.
Grains, even whole, produce sugar when they are being digested, thus keeping the grains out will heal our insulin levels

3. Up the Vegetables.
These miracle foods will fill you up with fiber, provide you with vital vitamins and minerals and since they contain carbohydrates, give you energy.

4. Eat hormone free protein.
Hormone-free proteins feed our muscles and assists with mental clarity and energy. However, if we eat protein that has been injected with hormones we only add more hormones to our body and thus, our healing will stall.

5. Drink H20.
This healing elixir will detox your body.

6. Be picky with your fruits.
Even though fruits are natural, many types will wreak havoc on our insulin levels. Granny smith apples and berries are great fruity choices to be used in smoothies or for a snack.

7. Eat nature made as opposed to man-made.
Although box foods are convenient they are hurting our health. Work towards eating less man-made food and shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

8. Up the fat (healthy fats).
Our bodies need good fats in order to burn fat. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds are great sources of healthy fats. Use coconut oil and grapeseed oil for high heat cooking since olive oil will become rancid when used in high-heat environments.

9. Cook and Prepare in advance.
The path to weight loss goes through the kitchen. When I facilitate my Knock Out Sugar Group programs, I demonstrate step by step how to cook and prepare foods in advance without spending all day in the kitchen. When you do some advanced prepping and preparing you will have healthy food readily available and less likely to make unhealthy choices.

Knock Out Sugar could save your life. Studies have shown that sugar is a major cause of heart disease, cancer and obesity. Sugar is also the cause the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes. Letting go of sugar will take some effort, but your heart, your health and your waistline will thank you.

Maureen Wielansky helps women over 40 release the weight that has been holding them captive. She uses her 9 Step F.I.T. System to customize a plan that works with her clients’ unique body chemistries and lifestyle. Are you ready to take action and transform your body and your life? Then visit and download your Action Guide to Unlocking your Knockout Body in 7 days.


About Maureen Wielansky

Maureen Wielansky owns Making It all Fit, LLC, a Health Coaching business where she teaches women in their 40s and 50s how to heal their bodies and transform their lives. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 1987 with a Bachelors in Psychology. She decided to stay home with her children for 20 years, working part time as a professional organizer. After a breakdown, Maureen had a breakthrough that led her to a 50 pound weight loss. At the age of 45 Maureen graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition with a certification as a Holistic Health Coach and Drug-Free Practitioner. Through her creativity, transparency and authenticity Maureen has dedicated her practice to helping women take back their bodies so they can feel sizzling in their own skin. For more information, visit or contact Maureen at [email protected]

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