Healthy Ways to Look and Feel Beach Ready

By on August 16, 2016
Healthy Ways to Look and Feel Beach Ready

We’re deep into summer, with nearly two more months to go before the season ends. That’s plenty of time for many people, regardless of age, to get their bodies beach ready in time to show it off shoreside. So long as your legs work, there’s nothing to stop you.

Yet, there are healthy ways to go about attaining a fit look for summer, and methods which prove to be ineffective, shallow, or even dangerous. For men and women entering their graying years, it’s important to go about things in a responsible way. Fortunately, wisdom tends to increase with age, so attempts to get your body beach-ready are likely to be void of trendy tactics and risky gimmicks.

That’s not to say you know where to begin, so to help out, here is a list of healthy ways to look and feel beach ready in time to enjoy a little bit of this summer:

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Slow and steady dieting

Crash diets are never a healthy approach to getting fit, especially as we grow older. Old tricks are the best ones: calorie counting and balanced nutrition are guaranteed to lead to results over time. Added with exercise (see below) it can be possible to lose between a pound to two pounds a week without risking your well being. For folks looking to shed 10 to 20 pounds, there’s still time to get “beach ready” for a weekend at the shore, minus the silly eating habits.

Natural hair removal

If you’re looking to really put some polish on your look for the beach, hair removal is likely on the agenda. The best way to remove hair from sensitive areas is to get as close to nature as possible. Using hard wax hair removal, for example, can be accomplished with brands using all natural ingredients. This is in contrast with hair removal products relying on strange chemicals and complicated procedures to achieve results.

Routine exercise

Similar to the appeal of fad diets, men and women looking to get in shape for summer are easily seduced by the quick results of extreme exercise. For those 50 and over, such overexertion can cause agony to bones and joints, not to mention grief on the heart. Like with food, moderation in the way you exercise is key to long term success.

Quality sunscreen

Venturing out into the sun for hours at a time, as most people know, exposes the skin to dangerous amounts of ultraviolet light, leading to sunburn, which can lead to melanoma. So most people will opt to put on sunscreen. However, as it turns out, not all sunscreens are created equal. Some, in fact, don’t even really do as advertised. Fortunately, Consumer Reports has recently outlined which brands of sunscreen to trust before heading out to the beach.

Healthy mindset

Why are you interested in looking “beach ready?” Is it because you’re concerned about your health entering old age, or because you care about what other people think? The desire to look and feel your best is tricky, as motivation to “fit” into the fit crowd is not exactly healthy. On the other hand, being fit, even aged 50 and older, is something to strive to achieve. The bottom line is to be driven to attaining a “beach ready” look for the right reasons, rather than focused on making heads turn.

There’s still plenty of summer left. It’s enough time for men and women to put a plan in place to get into shape. This is true for folks in all age brackets. Yet the mission of appearing ready for strutting across the sand of a beach is not one to take on without a proven plan for success. Your health – both of body and mind – depends on smart decisions. Nothing the average 50 or older person can’t handle.

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Healthy Ways to Look and Feel Beach Ready