Healthy Habits That Also Save Money

By on March 1, 2016

By Mark Kirkpatrick−

Many times, we think of being healthy as something that costs a lot of money and given how expensive medical insurance and organic food can be, that’s no surprise. Being healthy doesn’t need to be hard on your bank account though, so here are some healthy habits that can also help you save some money:

Real Exercise – Without the Cost

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Those fancy devices in your local gym might look nice, but statistically, two-thirds of people with memberships will never even use them. There’s no need to shell out hundreds (or worse sometimes thousands) of dollars a year just for the sake of a health club or gym membership that’s not helping you get fit. Instead, start walking on the streets and trails around your home or start biking to and from work and around your neighborhood.

Incidentally, biking may well be the best form of exercise if you want to save money because of how happy it makes people. Happy people tend to find it much easier to stick with healthy habits, so biking three or four times a week could actually make the rest of these tips more effective. If you’re only going to get into one habit to be healthy, it should be this one.

Focus on Fresh Food

Canned and frozen foods tend to be a bit addictive when you have them, you want more. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t especially healthy for you. Instead of piling your cart with food for the freezer, try buying fresh foods that can last you for several meals. Vegetables are especially good for this since a single head of lettuce can form the basis for several nights of salads, and you can get a number of healthy toppings for less than you might pay for a single meal at a restaurant.

Similarly, you can prepare soups or slow cooker dishes that can last you for several days – and even with nothing but healthy ingredients, you can save a lot of money by making food in bulk. You’ll also be able to visit the store less frequently, which can save you a lot of gas money over time.

Avoid the Vices

Smoking and drinking may help you feel better in the short term, but they’re not good for your body or your wallet. Instead of popping open a beer to relax, try something constructive instead like exercising, working on a hobby, or even volunteering your time to help others. It won’t be long before you’re getting the same positive feelings, without the added costs and calories.

If you’re currently using any vice, be sure to get involved with a support group that can help you quit and statistically speaking, it’s much easier to top when you have other people constantly encouraging you.

Shop Around Once You Start Getting Healthier

The biggest savings when it comes to being healthy aren’t always direct. For example, many healthy habits can explicitly help you to save on things like life insurance, but only if you talk to your insurance company about what you’re doing. Similarly, getting healthy now can help you avoid medical problems (and expenses) in the years to come. The long-term savings could easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars, so don’t be afraid to ask about improved rates for healthier people.


Mark Kirkpatrick is a blogger and tech enthusiast in Santa Clara, California. He has found that productivity starts with healthy habits and hopes to help others achieve their goals through positive reinforcement. Twitter: @KirkpatricM Facebook: Mark Kirkpatrick

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Healthy Habits That Also Save Money