Hate Packing? Top Packing Hacks for Your Next Big Trip

By on July 8, 2017
Hate Packing? Top Packing Hacks for Your Next Big Trip

There are a multitude of clever techniques to maximise your suitcase space, from rolling clothes to utilizing unused spaces. Here, Peter Jenkins, travel expert and managing director at luxury holiday specialist, Sun-hat Villas & Resorts, reveals some of his favorite packing hacks to help you on your journey.

People often take the same items on holiday, so to help make packing quick and easy, try creating an essentials list that you can refer to every time, which will also ensure nothing is left behind.

●      To prevent beauty products from opening in your luggage, cut out a large square of plastic from a sandwich bag, unscrew the lid and then screw it back on with the plastic in between.

●      Pack necklaces and bracelets in between two sheets of cling film so they don’t become tangled.

●      Pack lighter coloured items inside-out, and slip trainers sole-down inside a shower cap to protect your clothes.

●      A clean contact lens container is ideal to squeeze foundations, moisturizers and other creams inside, without the need to take full-sized products or miniature versions.

●      Likewise, load up the ends of clean cotton buds with eyeshadow colours, then store these in a small plastic food bag ready for use.

●      To keep your clothes smelling fresh, layer a few tumble dryer sheets between garments.

●      Pack any crease-prone items inside dry cleaning bags to ensure any folds don’t set.

Finally, if you’ve been shopping during your trip, make sure you’ll be able to pack as efficiently on the return leg so that you don’t have to leave anything behind.

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Hate Packing? Top Packing Hacks for Your Next Big Trip