The How To and Why To Exercise As We Get Older

By on July 9, 2017

By Debbie Siebers, health and wellness expert and creator of at home workouts such as Slim in 6 and Body Dynamix—

Getting older and waking up with all kinds of new aches and pains isn’t fun. However, it doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and give up on exercising just because you have certain limitations. It just means you may have to approach it differently.  

There is absolutely no reason why you still can’t be active, fit and healthy no matter your age. More important than your age is assessing your fitness level and limitations, getting clearance your physician, and finding exercises that are kinder to your joints. 

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I developed Body Dynamix for the 50+ consumer because I can no longer exercise like I used to and am dealing with my own limitations from overtraining in the past – I understand how frustrating it can be. For anyone who wants to workout without putting extra burden on their joints, I covered all the bases in my program. For many of us, it’s been a while since we exercised, and the thought of starting an exercise routine is intimidating. There aren’t many answers out there on how to do it, but Body Dynamix will ease you back into fitness at a pace you can handle.


I have three low impact cardio based programs to choose from: Cardio Walk, Core Walk and Tone and Walk. It is super-important to make sure you have the proper fitting athletic shoes and that you modify any of the moves if necessary. It really is about moving your body, doing what feels good for you, and adjusting according to your fitness level.


For this very important aspect of fitness, I developed my “Basic Strength” Routine. It is a very thorough, basic and straightforward program that addresses each muscle group focusing on form and proper alignment.

Remember, as we get older we lose muscle, so strength training can help retain and maintain lost muscle while also improving your metabolism.  


I created my “Body Insurance” Routine that takes you through strength, endurance and mobility drills.  My “Yoga Flows and Poses” is great to heat up the muscles and joints properly while working on deep breath work for that mind/body connection. The “Restore and Repair” routine is my personal favorite.  It is everything we all need, yet unfortunately neglect. I take you through a very thorough healing and restorative program that includes deep stretches, spinal twists, hip openers and drills, low back strengthening exercises, as well as shoulder openers and upper body stretches and mobility drills.  

Remember that exercise can help you manage health conditions such as heart problems, arthritis or diabetes. It also increases mobility, balance, reduces chronic conditions and helps with weight loss and increases lean muscle mass. Your sleep will also improve.

Other activities to possibly think about taking up are swimming, especially if you are overweight and suffer from joint pain.  

I like getting out in nature as much as possible. It is not only great for your body, it is essential for your soul and peace of mind. Just make sure to do the proper warm up and stretch after to alleviate stiffness and soreness.

It is time to embrace your age and your journey to leading a better quality of life.

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The How To and Why To Exercise As We Get Older