Hand Sanitizer – Alcohol Free vs Alcohol Based

By on March 10, 2020
Hand Sanitizer

With all the hype about the coronavirus, people have been out stocking up on essentials. The shelves are emptying for the essentials needed for a time of quarantine. The other essentials are for possible interaction with others that may be carriers of the virus. As women over 50, we stand a greater chance to feel the impact of this CORVID-19 strain and so it is best to be protected with a hand sanitizer.

One of the essentials flying off the shelves of pharmacies and grocery stores is hand sanitizer. The CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible. Handwashing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on our hands. But if soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer can help you avoid getting sick and the spread of germs.

There are 2 types of hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a common item on our desktops, in our bags, as well as in grocery stores, gyms, and other facilities we all frequent. Hand sanitizers combat the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that threaten our health every day. The two different types of hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and non-alcoholic-based sanitizers.

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Which hand sanitizer works the best? Which hand sanitizer is the most effective one to use? Is hand sanitizer with alcohol better than alcohol-free hand sanitizer?

Alcohol-based Sanitizers

Alcohol-based products will contain one of two active ingredients; alcohol or isopropanol. Both are effective antiseptic products that kill germs and bacteria. They share many of the same properties. Their main difference is on a molecular level. One distinct property that they both share is that they are highly flammable. The FDA recommends that hand sanitizers should contain 60%-95% alcohol for maximum efficacy.

A concern with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is the potential toxicity hazards upon ingestion. Most dispensing mechanisms for hand sanitizers are easy to open. They are easy for children, animals, and others to easily consume the sanitizer accidentally. With the high levels of alcohol concentration, consumption can lead to acute alcohol poisoning. 

A common side-effect for women over 50 who repeatedly use alcohol-based hand sanitizers is the dryness and cracking of their hands. Alcohol strips away oils from your skin, removing moisture. The temporary absence of oils leads to increased skin irritation aggravating any symptoms of dermatitis.

Hand SanitizerNon-alcoholic hand-sanitizers

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers entered the market to address the concerns and complaints of gels and offer All-Natural products. These non-alcoholic sanitizers use essential oils that are known to have bacteria-killing characteristics. The ingredients are much easier on the hands and being all-natural, pose much less of a threat in cases of accidental ingestion. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are a low fire hazard and are non-damaging to surfaces. The key ingredients that kill the bacteria do not evaporate like alcohol and so offer extended protection. 

A good quality non-alcoholic hand sanitizer will come in a spray or foaming dispenser. A little of it rubbed into the hands and arms will quickly dry, not leaving your skin with a sticky feeling. It will use aloe vera as an ingredient that offers moisturizing benefits when used.

The non-alcoholic hand sanitizer will use bacteria-killing ingredients other than alcohol. Use of Essential oils has been adopted for generations to heal, draw out and clean wounds or skin. The right recipe and mixture of essential oils can offer the effective, plant-based strength to kill bacteria, while safe enough for accidental consumption.

Using an All-Natural alcohol-free hand sanitizer is recommended over the chemically rich alcohol-based sanitizers found in most stores. They definitely clean and kill bacteria and are soft and moisturizing for your skin. So as you prepare for encountering many strangers on your errands, as a woman over 50 we suggest you using a high-quality non-alcoholic hand sanitizer on the go. It will aid you in staying safe and germ-free!

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Hand Sanitizer – Alcohol Free vs Alcohol Based