Plant Oils Heal, Herbal Medicine

By on August 18, 2018
plant oils heal

Herbal medicine is the earliest scientific tradition in medical practice, and it remains an important part of medicine today. Our previous generations used  herbs and plants to disinfect, heal and restore our bodies. Through time, we studied & began to understand how these natural resources benefited our bodies. This knowledge pursued the imitation & replication of plant structures in the form of chemical, man-made medicines. We  learned to create similar chemical reactions within our bodies using man made chemicals. The production of cheaper and more unique chemicals that could be patented grew, thus moving more and more away from the original, organically rich ingredients found in plants and herbs, therefore cheaper, more cost effective products took over and ruled the market.

Over the past 30 years, we found ourselves in a conundrum! The medical fraternity were finding new, unheard of, aggressive diseases and the question of what was causing these ailments was coming to the forefront.
After much research and investigation, there has been one main common thread in all the diseases found that have proliferated the modern society; the environment, our surroundings and products used in and on our bodies.
When considering that our skin is our largest organ with its translucent and porous nature, we need to be very conscious of what we put on or apply to our skin. Products exposed on our skin will not only impact the appearance but with the skin’s porous nature, any product applied to our skin, is the equivalent of placing an intravenous directly into our bloodstream.  Applying a lotion or soap onto your skin, will not only create a chemical reaction on contact, but the ripple effect of that chemical reaction will be absorbed into your bloodstream immediately and within 20 seconds have circulated throughout your entire body, including all your vital organs and brain! 
Just as the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, the same is true when considering the importance and consequences of the products you use. Our bodies should not be subjected to the cheapest, chemically calculated ingredients. Health is costly & we need to protect & preserve it.  
plant oil heals
Aroma takes a step back in time to when there were no man-made chemicals, using an ancient African recipe which has been handed down through generations using the wholesome richness of plants and herbs, extracting the finest essential oils. Aroma’s Bokke Collection is blended with 100% essential oils in precisely refined ratios encouraging the oils to activate & release their natural energy and healing power. 
The Bokke Collection offers you a range of products for daily use of facial cleansing, hand sanitizing, overall body and hair care. Our most popular product is the Bokke Balm which aids in skin remediation and repair from cuts, bruises, scrapes and infections.  Aroma’s Bokke Collection of products not only cleanse, but they disinfect and rejuvenate your skin and body.
Aroma’s Bokke Collection is truly the “All Natural Way” and we don’t believe it has to cost you the earth. 

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Plant Oils Heal, Herbal Medicine