Great Packing Tips- For a Stylish Vacation

By on June 7, 2011

By JuliAnn Stitick –

It’s vacation time again! There’s a right way and a wrong way to pack for your summer get-aways! As I thought about my upcoming vacation, I realized how important it is to pack properly for a trip.

Packing in a rush NEVER WORKS! Things are always forgotten! I make it a point to start checking my destination weather daily about two weeks before my trip. I then pack at least a week before my trip! Packing in advance makes things so much more fun!

Here’s how I pack!

1. A week before my trip I create my outfits (accessories and all) and set aside each one. This way, if you have items that need washing or dry cleaning you still have some time!

2. Color Code your outfits! I suggest you begin with a column of color (i.e. a matching top and bottom). I like black or dark brown for travel because it’s so versatile. It shows less wrinkles and spots and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.

3. Accessorize to Maximize! Maximize your column of color by changing the look with accessories. I choose fun pieces to be the focal point of the outfit. Scarves are super lightweight and add lots of style. Funky, fashion jewelry is all I ever bring with me (no fine jewelry, with the exception of my wedding ring). I choose one kind of metal – for me it’s silver. I take only one belt with me, and I pack it because it’s one less thing to hassle with at airport security.

4. Shoes and Handbags – When flying, I make sure to wear slip on shoes and socks (so when I take off my shoes in security I’m not barefoot, ewww)! Comfort is the MOST important aspect of travel shoes – that comes from the heart of this fashionista! This summer, my biggest tip for shoes is PEWTER, PEWTER, PEWTER! It’s absolutely the most versatile color for shoes and bags. I recommend taking two pairs of these. Wear the heaviest ones when you’re en route to keep your bag light. Final tip, bring a lightweight handbag in pewter as well. You’ll sail through your trip looking sharp all the way!

Here are a few more of travel tips from both myself and my friend, professional organizer, Bette Martin of Necessary Indulgence:

* Make a list of everything you want to take and keep it on your computer under ‘Travel.’ This way each time you pack you have something to refer to.

* Lay your larger items like jackets and pants on the bottom and over the ends of your suitcase. Turn jackets inside out for less wrinkles. Fold your smaller items like shirts and pj’s along their lines and roll carefully for less wrinkles. Tuck them in and then wrap those larger items over the top.

* Take medications, make-up, toiletries and hard to replace items (like you favorite bathing suit) with you in your carry-on if you fly.

* Roll scarves, socks and underwear- and tuck in shoes or around the edges.

* Take a plastic or fabric bag for dirty laundry.

* I like to compartmentalize my pieces (I like LL Bean Ultralight packers – zippered packing pouches that have mesh pockets so items are easily id’d).

* Pack heavy items like shoes and toiletries at the bottom near the wheels so their weight is not crushing other items when you are rolling.

* Over time I have duplicated, in travel size, all of my skin care and cosmetics. That way I spread the cost out and now have so much less to pack and unpack!

* Most importantly- Have a wonderful vacation!

Turn on your computer and create your packing list! You’ll be glad you did.

What are your best packing tips?

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Great Packing Tips- For a Stylish Vacation