Consistency Creates Success

By on June 7, 2011

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American Heritage Dictionary defines consistency as: Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events.

With that definition in mind, let me share two scenarios:

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1. Mary decides to start a business. She writes out her goals and makes a plan of action. One of her business-building goals is to get up an hour early five mornings a week to write her blog, participate in social media and plan out her moneymaking activities for the day. The first week she eagerly gets up and goes right to work for two solid hours. The second week she finds it more difficult to get out of bed and only gets up early three mornings. The third week, she decides she’s not cut out to work for herself and pulls the covers over her head. Her goals are placed in her desk drawer not to be looked at again.

2. Marianne starts her business with a goal to build a solid income producing business within the next twelve months. She writes her goals, develops a workable plan of action and decides to work with a business coach twice a month. The first week she maps out a work schedule that makes sense to both herself and her family. She chunks out specific work hours and has emotionally and physically dedicated herself to making those hours productive and worthwhile.

Week two she finds her entrepreneurial stride. She has specified a certain amount of time for working on social media, marketing for new business and organizing her contact and prospects lists.

The third week she begins to work with her coach and gets her first new client.

The forth week, she has consistent business hours and knows how to work her most important moneymaking activities first. Marianne’s workweek and workdays are consistently organized. She’s learned that it is important to keep the important things, important.

Here’s what Marianne learned that Mary hadn’t discovered: Consistency creates momentum and momentum creates results. You can work your business part time or full time but cannot work it sometime and expect to get positive moneymaking results.

Your success is directly related to how consistently you work your goal achieving activities. If you are not where you want to be in your business, look at your level of consistency.

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During my coaching with women in business I’ve noticed a major difference between women who achieve their goals and the ones whose goals seem to slip away. The key is consistency. The power to successfully turn dreams into goals and goals into reality, means knowing how to consistently move forward in positive and productive ways. 

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Consistency Creates Success