I Have A Question

By on June 7, 2011

By Ceekay Krupnik –

Do you ever have a question that you just don’t get an answer that satisfies you? Questions for example, why does an article that I buy on Tuesday, go on sale on Wednesday? Or why is it that out of 5 cashier lines, I always choose the one that isn’t moving? But even more than these questions, I have had one for many years that I just can’t get a good answer for, and I want to share it with you….between a snorer and a snore-ee, why does the snore-ee have to go sleep on the couch?

Now I have not scientifically researched this, but it seems to me that in most relationships there is a snorer and the innocent snore-ee.

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We, or should I say I, have tried the snore pillows, ear plugs, various pounding methods and other means to silence the roar. Nothing has worked.

I find it very interesting that the same man I adore with all my heart, the love of my life, a person I would gladly let a truck hit me to save him, could drive me to thoughts of so many awful ways to make him stop snoring!

And trust me on this one, I have never prayed more diligently, or pleaded with God to please, just shut him up!

This snoring does not bother the snorer. They sleep perfectly fine. In fact, often, when sweetly begging my dear love to “turn over, you are snoring”, he matter-of-factly informs me that he could not possibly be snoring because he isn’t even asleep yet!

So I continue to seek the answer to my question. If you know of a good answer, please share your words of wisdom.

You can usually find me in the wee hours of the night….on the couch!

Ceekay Krupnik is a wife, mother, grandmother and author of two blogs – thinkinofhome.blogspot.com and myjourneywithteal.blogspot.com

About CeeKay

I am a wife of 37 years, mom of two, and grandma to two enjoying life in Buckeye, AZ. We have a dog named Bentley, or he has us! I have always enjoyed decorating my home. Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, we are enjoying being able to "fix things" the way we want them! I enjoy reading decorating magazines, going shopping, and rearranging things in my home. I worked outside the home as a legal secretary and continued working until I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in October 2006. Currently, I am fighting the battle of and for my life. Life is wonderful, but at times, difficult. The Lord has been faithful to me through all stages in my life. I pray to be faithful to Him. I love being home and enjoying time with my wonderful husband. Together we enjoy eating out at restaurants (my cooking of choice!) and cruising.

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I Have A Question