Give Dad the Gift of Fitness this Father’s Day

By on June 21, 2015
Give the gift of fitness this father's day

Submitted by ACE – American Council of Exercise –

Every June the question arises: “What should I get dad for Father’s Day?” With this year’s Father’s Day holiday just a few days away, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recommends changing up the usual gift giving routine and instead, give dad a gift of fitness this Father’s Day with the ideas below.

Encouraging dads to be more active is one of the most thoughtful and caring ways to honor them—plus many  common summer activities really turn up the calorie-burning heat.

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According to ACE’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Cedric X. Bryant, “It has been consistently shown that men who exercise regularly are less likely to develop a wide range of diseases and chronic illnesses (e.g., coronary heart disease, certain forms of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.). Furthermore, being out of shape compromises a man’s functional capabilities and reduces his overall quality of life.”

ACE suggests sharing the following Father’s Day calorie-burning activities with dad and the whole family (calorie burn based on 160-lb person):

·         Set a tee time—Discover the fun and fitness benefits of golfing with Dad and skip the golf cart! Golfing can burn up to 370 calories an hour (6.2 calories/minute) if you carry your own clubs throughout the course

·         Grab a racquet—Get the whole family together for a tennis game or two. Playing tennis burns roughly 8 calories/minute playing tennis, that’s almost 500 calories for one hour of play.

·         Take a hike—Find a nearby mountain or trail to hike with dad. It’s estimated you can burn 6.7 calories/minute or over 400 calories hiking for one hour

For more information on calorie-burning activities and healthy living tips visit the ACE website.

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Give Dad the Gift of Fitness this Father’s Day