Get an Affordable Facelift in Thailand

By on November 25, 2019

Many people want to remove wrinkles and signs of aging on their face, and the most popular way of doing that is a facelift. Unfortunately, invasive cosmetic surgery is expensive in western countries but facelift prices in Thailand are more reasonable. This review will detail why you should consider visiting Thailand for your facelift surgery:

Medical Tourism

The first thing any medical tourist should do is discuss the potential treatment with your chosen doctor in full before committing. Treatment is not for everyone, and a doctor will be able to advise on whether or not a facelift is the best anti-aging solution for you.

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In addition to this, you should also consider planning your trip around the procedure. A facelift is an invasive procedure so you cannot travel immediately after the procedure. You will need to rest for a few days before you travel and will not be able to go outside, so high-quality accommodation is required. Should you plan on any beach activities, you should put them into your agenda before the operation.

What is Facelift Surgery?

A facelift procedure involves lifting the face and neck upwards to remove wrinkles. The process will improve the contour of your face and tighten the skin and muscles. After the procedure, you will experience swelling and bruising, but this will heal within a few days.

Are Thai Clinics Reliable?

Clinics in Thailand are reliable and have passed a series of stringent checks if they are listed by Medical Departures. Many of the doctors operating have studied abroad and later returned to practice in Thailand. As such, they are aware of international protocols and comply with these standards. 

The following clinics are reputable and have received positive reviews from past Medical Departures patients:

Why is a Facelift so Affordable in Thailand?

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is less expensive due to the lower cost of living there. As a result, salaries, rent, overheads, and other costs are lower, and these savings are passed on to the patient. Additionally, there are more clinics than patients, so establishments compete on price. This pushes prices down too.

Getting Started

Affordable facelifts in Thailand are high-quality. Book an appointment online at Medical Departures, or contact the customer care team for more information. 


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Get an Affordable Facelift in Thailand