Reasons for Demolishing a Residential Building

By on November 25, 2019
Residential building

The idea of demolishing a residential building might not make sense at first. Imagine everything that you spent to build that house and you suddenly have to pull it down. However, there are certain instances when it’s necessary to demolish the building. You will even save more money if you destroy it and start over again. 

Weak foundation 

You can sue the engineer who did the house for this reason. It’s a long process that you can deal with later. For now, the goal is to destroy the house and start again. This time, you can have a more stable foundation. The problem with a weak foundation is that it could end terribly. Worse, if the house is in an earthquake-prone area, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. You don’t want to risk lives, so you need to let go of everything you spent to build the house so you can start again. 

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Old house 

Some old houses look fascinating. Others even end up becoming tourist destinations or protected by UNESCO due to their cultural and historical value. Unfortunately, not all old buildings end up this way. A lot of them become liabilities. It’s only a matter of time before those buildings cause a problem. Therefore, it’s best to destroy them now before it’s too late. New construction could rise from the same area. 

Presence of dangerous materials

If the house suffered from recurring molds or asbestos contamination, there’s no other choice but to destroy it. Anyone who resides inside a house with these issues will suffer from health consequences. You will end up paying more to recover from illness than paying demolition contractors to do the job.

Plan to sell a vacant lot

You also have to be aware of the market price of the properties in your area. There could be new construction nearby that will increase the value of the lot. The government might also buy the piece of land under eminent domain law. The only condition is that it needs to be an empty lot. If you think the lot will still be valuable and can help you recuperate the cost of demolishing the house, it’s okay. 

Change in government rules

It’s also possible for the government to suddenly decide to change the rules related to constructing residences. It could be a local rule or a federal rule. Either way, you need to make adjustments. Otherwise, you will get penalized for violating the law. If you think these changes are too much, it might be in your best interest to start over again. Demolish the house and construct a new one that follows all the rules. It might seem irritating, but it will still benefit you in the long run. The government wouldn’t change the rules unless there was a clear safety reason for doing so. 

With the best demolition contractors doing the job, you won’t have any problem. You know that they can do things right. You can even partner with them again if you have similar projects in the future.


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Reasons for Demolishing a Residential Building