The Most Booked Cosmetic Treatments in Bangkok for 2018

By on January 30, 2019
Cosmetic Treatments

Are you thinking about getting some kind of cosmetic surgery? If yes, you probably have a good idea of how expensive it will be. Be ready to spend a small fortune. Or get your cosmetic surgery in Bangkok for much less. A world-famous tourist destination since long, Bangkok has also emerged as a medical tourism hot spot. A lot of Aussies are discovering this amazing place to enjoy inexpensive cosmetic surgery. Let us take a quick look at the most booked cosmetic treatments in Bangkok, including price comparisons for each.

Breast Implants

Not satisfied by the size and/or shape of your breasts? Breast implants offer the perfect solution. You can choose from different shapes and a couple of material options as well. Boost your bosom for much less by getting breast implants in Bangkok.

  • Price in Australia: AUD $ 16,500
  • Price in Bangkok: AUD $ 7,000


This toxin works by contracting the muscles, which diminishes lines and wrinkles to reveal a younger you. Botox treatment is among the most effective ways to deal with signs of aging.

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Based on 20 units:

  • Price in Australia: AUD $400
  • Price in Bangkok: AUD $352


Injecting fillers adds volume to the injected area right away. This causes lines and wrinkles to fade away. You can select from natural and synthetic filler types; discuss with your doctor before choosing one. Fillers in Bangkok Thailand cost several hundred dollars less than Down Under.

Typical session:

  • Price in Australia: AUD $800
  • Price in Bangkok: AUD $500


If you want to reduce the signs of aging from your face and neck, a facelift might be the perfect solution. The treatment tightens the skin while removing excess fat. A general anaesthetic is used for this procedure. Check out the facelift prices below:

  • Price in Australia: $26,000
  • Price in Bangkok: AUD $6,500

As you can see you can save quite a bit on cosmetic surgery in Bangkok. You should know that the price difference is not because clinics there are offering less quality. No, the main reason for the inexpensive treatments is the lower operating costs in Thailand. The lower cost of labour and materials further keeps prices under control. Lack of bureaucratic red tape in Thailand, which plagues businesses in developed countries also contributes to the affordable procedures. People unware of these reasons fall for the myth that medical tourism is risky.

The closest thing to a catch here is that you need to head to a reputable clinic. The smartest way of doing that is using a medical tourism portal that comprehensively screens each clinic it lists. This might include things like onsite visits, checking malpractice and criminal records and verifying staff qualifications and professional association memberships.

In addition to saving thousands of dollars, cosmetic surgery in Bangkok also affords you the chance to enjoy a holiday. This vibrant Thai capital offers something for everyone. From calming temples to bustling street life to authentic Thai cuisine, Bangkok has it all. For Aussies this is perhaps the most convenient medical tourism destination.

Modern, well-equipped and reputable clinics such as KTOP Clinic, Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre, Natchaya Clinic and Naravee Aesthetic Clinic help you turn back the clock at a bargain. They bring you the best of cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, at a price your local beauty clinic could never match. Feel free to learn more about these clinics as you plan your medical holiday. You will return home looking younger and feeling revitalized after enjoying an unforgettable vacation in amazing Bangkok.



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The Most Booked Cosmetic Treatments in Bangkok for 2018