Four Amazing Travel Experiences Well Worth Your Time and Money

By on August 1, 2016
Four Amazing Travel Experiences Well Worth Your Time and Money

By Alison Stanton –

It’s taken some considerable time and effort, but you’ve finally done it: You cleared your schedule and will finally take that two-week vacation of your dreams.

While you’ve visited plenty of incredible places over the years — everything from Paris and Portugal to Honolulu and Haiti — this year you want to do something especially amazing with your hard-earned vacation dollars. Sure, lounging on the beach or doing some serious power shopping at a major metropolis mall sound nice, but you are looking for a unique travel experience that stands out from the rest.

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With this in mind, check out the following exhilarating travel experiences well-worth your time and money:

Xaranna Okavango Delta Lodge, Botswana

For the ultimate in a mind-blowing vacation that’s definitely off the beaten path, consider an African safari. Xaranna Okavango Delta Lodge in Botswana, for example, is a safari lodge that manages to combine an incredibly remote location with the ultimate in luxury. Everything, including food, lodging and jaw-dropping guided excursions, are included in the price.

If you’ve ever dreamed of checking out the beautiful exotic animals that call Africa home, including hippos and lions, Xaranna will not disappoint. It’s important to note, although the camp features nine safari tents, these aren’t anything like the thin, uncomfortable tents used in family campouts. Each screened tent features a soaking tub, private pool and comfy beds.

Girdwood, Alaska

Alaska offers much more than breathtaking views of majestic mountain ranges and incredible wildlife. Our 49th state also provides daredevils with a skiing experience way outside the box. As Lifehack notes, Girdwood, Alaska, is home to hills and back-country skiing, or off-piste, and is also ideal for heliskiing. Essentially, this involves accessing downhill skiing sites by helicopter instead of an everyday, run-of-the-mill ski lift. Chugach Powder Guides offers helicopter flights to the Western Chugach Mountains near Girdwood, which feature incredible powder, steep drops and skiing unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Costa Rica

If you dream of learning to surf, a Costa Rican vacation on Tamarindo Beach will allow you to do just that. Make reservations at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, which features 18 basic rooms on a beautiful stretch of beach, along with expert surfing instruction for people of all levels. The surf camp is a one-stop vacation shop: Thanks to its restaurants, pool, surf shop and more, you’ll find plenty of ways to chill and relax in between lessons. The rooms are pretty bare bones, with no televisions or clocks, but that’s the point of this secluded destination. Instead of hoity-toity hotel glamour, you’ll find a basic and relaxed atmosphere focused on surfing.

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

Located in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, the Oneonta Gorge features both aquatic and woodland plants. Walking through the verdant gorge, you might feel like a woodland fairy or elf will pop up at any moment to guide you around the next corner. As a bonus, the ferns, moss and creek offer plenty of amazing photo opps. The gorge, located near Multnomah Falls, doesn’t attract hordes of tourists like the falls, which means you’ll feel as though you’re mostly alone with Mother Nature.

One quick word of advice: Before heading to Oregon, Alaska or any other amazing vacation destination throughout the U.S., take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road from state to state., for example, is a user-friendly website you can peruse to bone up on the latest safe-driving practices, including tips on how to handle twisting and turning interstate roads.


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Four Amazing Travel Experiences Well Worth Your Time and Money