The Foods That Boost the Immune System

By on October 27, 2020
Immune system

As people get older and become more aware of their health, taking supplements, vitamins, and the like tends to be an option for many. In actual fact, though, your diet can have a massive effect on how you feel too, especially with regards to boosting your immune system. You can obviously take steps at home to improve your immune system, but what you put into your body plays a huge part too. 

Sleeping more, losing some weight, exercising regularly, and drinking less alcohol are proven ways of boosting our immune system but so too is a healthy, balanced diet and cutting back on fats and refined carbohydrates. Essentially, what you put into your body is what you get out of it. People are certainly paying more attention to that in the current climate. 

Obviously, we all like to switch off from time to time and settle down in a comfortable chair with a glass of wine, an unhealthy snack, and a Netflix movie or depositing for a gaming session at Still, we need to balance it out with some of the things our body – and our immune system – will thank us for. It’s easily done, too. In fact, many of the common foods we consume today play their part in boosting our immune system.

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With that in mind, here’s a look at some foods that are excellent in terms of boosting the immune system and maintaining our overall health. 

Red Bell Peppers 

Believe it or not, a red bell pepper contains more vitamin C than an orange. In fact, almost three times the amount. Red bell peppers are also a great source of beta carotene. As well as boosting your immune system, red bell peppers are also excellent for your skin. Thanks to the presence of beta carotene, Red Bell Peppers keep our skin and eyes in a good shape. 


Garlic is a common ingredient used all around the globe.  It is great news for a lot of people to hear that it’s actually good for the immune system too. Known to help our arteries and lower blood pressure, but in terms of our immune system, it is said to provide a concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin, which is known to do its bit for our immune system. 


As well as being used to decrease inflammation and nausea, ginger is also excellent for the immune system. Ginger is known to decrease chronic pain and aid weight loss, too. It also plays its part with regards to any inflammatory illnesses, such as a sore throat. 

immune systemBroccoli 

Broccoli is packed full of the good stuff, from minerals and vitamins to fiber and many antioxidants. All of those factors play a key role in benefiting an immune system, especially if cooked right. Cooking broccoli removes the valuable nutrients from the vegetable. Steaming broccoli is the best way of cooking it, according to research. 


Packed with antioxidants, beta carotene, and vitamin C, spinach is a friend of the immune system. Spinach contains a range of helpful properties that all play its part in keeping an immune system healthy. Like broccoli, the less you cook it, the better it is. 


Anyone for some seafood? Yes, that’s right, shellfish are packed full of Zinc. Zinc is a highly beneficial ingredient for maintaining a healthy immune system. Next time you’re offered oysters, crab, lobster, or mussels, enjoy them even more knowing that you’re aiding your immune system as well as your tastebuds.

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The Foods That Boost the Immune System