Five Reasons to Tour France by Boat

By on August 1, 2014
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River cruising has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over recent years; sailing leisurely from one port to the next taking in the varying scenery, it’s no surprise as to why these holidays are so popular. If you’ve never been on a river cruise before, here are our top five reasons to make it your holiday choice this year:

  1. One holiday – multiple destinations

A river cruise  enables you to see a variety of destinations in one holiday, often across multiple countries. This means you get to see lots of different scenic landscapes and visit many different places.

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  1. It’s convenient

All that travelling would normally mean lugging around suitcases and not being able to unpack throughout your holiday and really settle in a place. This can often make people feel more stressed and worn out after their holiday than before they went away. River cruising means you get to do the travelling, whilst maintaining a  ‘home’ for the duration of your holiday.

  1. Travel Pictures LtdIt’s low in stress

Most of the time on a river cruise, meals and gratuities are included in the price, and drinks are included with dinner. This means that you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money whilst you’re away, or constantly working out conversion rates and finding the best deal, giving you more time to relax.

  1. It’s friendly

The size of river cruise ships are limited so that they can easily sail through locks and under low bridges, which means that on most the capacity is less than 200. This engenders a more intimate atmosphere than ocean cruise ships and means you will are more likely to get to know fellow passengers and make friends.

  1. It’s a great way to travel

Rather than rushing here and there, river cruising takes a slower pace, enabling passengers to take in the sights at their leisure. Ships are equipped to a high standard, with large rooms, elegant decor and modern facilities. As a relaxing and luxurious way to travel, it’s no surprise that it is really popular amongst couples.

Pictures Colour LibraryWhy river cruise through France?

France is one of the most popular regions for river cruising; the extensive river network making it an ideal destination for those wanting to experience varied landscapes and to get a taste of the diversity of the country’s culture.Geographically, it’s one of the most diverse countries in Europe. In the south – the Camargue, a natural and peaceful region that is like no other region of South East France. It is also a region whereby wild horses roam and vast areas are populated by flamingos and other wildlife. The culture is similar to that of South West French Culture. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in France to enjoy the calm and peace. In the north the Seine runs from the Cote d’Or to the Basse Normandy.

There are also a huge number of historical landmarks to relish, for example Paris is home to some of the world’s most famous attractions: the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum and of course the Eiffel Tower. On the channel coast visit the Normandy Beaches; the site of the world’s largest amphibious landings in June 1944. In the South visit the Roman Amphitheatre in Arles and the fortified city of Avignon. The Moselle is probably the river most marked by history, and crosses France, Luxembourg and Germany. It has often been the “Red Zone” between these three countries during World Wars – and others older wars – that have marked landscapes and villages which border it.

Fine Dining 1Equally, the cuisine is regarded as some of the most noteworthy in the world. If you’re a food lover, Avalon’s gourmet dining allows you to experience regional wines and fine dining whilst sailing through breathtaking French landscape and taking in the picturesque scenery that unfolds before your eyes.

About the Cruise

Avalon Waterway’s offer a whole host of French cruises to please any taste; the two most popular being Paris to Normandy Landing Beaches and Burgundy and Provence. Paris to Normandy Landing beaches boasts a generous 8 days, crammed with exciting cultural trips and historical visits including a guided walk to visit the infamous Grand Andelys Church along the beautiful Seine River. The Burgundy and Provence itinerary is a slightly lengthier option at 11 days, but similar to the previously mentioned Paris to Normandy Landing Beaches, a host of sights and locations rich in historical value are highlighted, with cruises in Lyon offering a Creativity_Rhine (5)wealth of Roman ruins, excellent museums and Renaissance architecture. You can find the generous range of French River Cruises that Avalon offers here:

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Five Reasons to Tour France by Boat