Faux Blue Mason Jars

By on July 31, 2012


Versatile and Decorative Storage

Mason jars are so easy to find – at garage sales, thrift stores, and just about any store.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

I have boxes full of Mason jars of all sizes in our cellar. They can function as vases, votives and as storage.

I decided to follow some examples I found in blogland and on Pinterest.
Beautiful examples can be found here and here.

I have seen a few use doilies and Mod Podge – such a lovely transformation.

You can find examples here and here.
I have also been waiting for an opportunity to use the zinc jar lids I found at the Country Living Fair.

I found that you can change the color of the clear Mason jars to whichever color you wish using School glue and food coloring. This is such a very easy, quick change. Some painted the jars on the inside, I painted on the outside; either works very well.  The downside to this method, is that it is not permanent. The coloring can be peeled off or washed off. This can be a great option for those wishing to create decorative tabletop vases or votives for weddings or picnics.

There is a method using that is a permanent coloring here, if that is what you’re looking for.

I chose to use gel teal food coloring. It is a little deeper than the old blue mason jars. You can experiment with the glue and food coloring to acquire the shade of blue you wish.

This method also works on anything glass – I first tried this method on the ubiquitous flower vases you get through flower shops. I’ll show you those in another post.

I’ll be using these jars in the blue room which serves as a guest room and as a craft room.

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Faux Blue Mason Jars