Ice Cream Treats

By on July 31, 2012


No baking involved on this one. It’s ice cream, stuffed with a surprise and rolled in a topping. It may not cool down the temperature outdoors, but this treat is bound to cheer you on a hot summer’s day. Make a bunch of these ahead of time and you’ve got a ready supply to serve at a fancy dinner party or holiday event too. I used three flavors of ice cream. The first one was vanilla ice cream stuffed with amarena cherries. If you’ve never had these, look for them at a good Italian grocery store, or online. They are nothing like the neon-red maraschino cherries sold in grocery stores. These wild cherries are steeped in a sweet syrup, making the flavor a delicious sweet and sour sensation in the mouth. They’re made in Emilia-Romagna, the region my mother’s from.

Take a scoop of ice cream, but don’t completely make a sphere yet. Add a cherry or two to the center.

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Then cover it up with more ice cream.


I then crushed some amaretti cookies and rolled the ice cream ball in them.

I used small chocolate chips to fill the center of the coffee ice cream spheres.

And tried to roll them in hot fudge sauce, but you can see it was initially a mess, since it started to melt the ice cream quite rapidly. I froze them again, then poured more cooled sauce over the top.

I toasted some almonds for the filling I used with the toasted almond ice cream.

Then rolled the spheres in some coconut I toasted.


Freeze the balls for a couple of hours and you’re ready to go. It’s hard to say which flavor I loved best – they were all scrumptious. What flavor combos can you think of?



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Ice Cream Treats