Fall Fashion for Women Over 50

By on August 23, 2020
Fall Fashion For Women Over 50

Each season has its own fashion trends. Some trends are fashion comebacks from years past. But, what should we expect for this year’s Fall fashion trends?

What is this year’s Fall Fashion?

Metallic replaces color and is the hot trend this Fall. While the popular patterns are tartan, plaid, and floral. And, to make it interesting, it is accompanied with patchwork, fringed, and ruffled clothing items.  If one is not careful, you might end up looking like you belong in a fashion circus! It’s almost as if the fashion powers that be could not decide on which pastime trend they wanted as a comeback. 

Nevertheless, how do we make this Fall fashion for women over 50 to be in style and glamorous? 

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Making metallic work with Fall Fashion

Your metallic item of clothing should be the focal point of your outfit. Don’t pair it with another metallic piece either unless it’s shoes, and even then, be careful! 

Metallic Blazer, Jacket, or Coat

Fall Fashion MetallicCompleting an outfit with a tailored or form-fitting blazer adds a polished look to any outfit. Finding the perfect metallic blazer can add glamour too. If you live or plan a trip to a snowy or colder climate, then a metallic snow jacket or a longer coat is another great option to show off a metallic fashion piece. 


Metallic Skirt or Pants

Fall Fashion - High waisted metallic skirtWearing a metallic piece of clothing during the day, such as work, feels wrong. It feels like it belongs in a night club. However, with metallic being the trend, one can find very suitable pieces of clothing for a glamorous look. While we’re still not convinced that it is suitable for the workplace, it will certainly be a gorgeous look for a special occasion such as a wedding or date night. 


Fall Fashion Trending Patterns

Never try to make all the trending patterns fit into one outfit. Some may make this work, but it usually causes the body to look fuller and confuses onlookers. Wearing a pattern should compliment an outfit and not make it look “busy” or overbearing. 

Tartan and Plaid Patterned Vests

Fall Fashion - Tartan Plaid Vest A simple yet elegant way to complete a fall outfit. Piece this tartan vest with a great pair of jeans and boots and you are ready to head out the door looking like you stepped out of a fashion shoot. 


Ruffled Plaid Jogger Pants

Fall Fashion - Tartan Plaid Jogger PantsA great pair of pants are those that are not only comfortable but can be dressed up or down. These ruffle-waist plaid joggers are one of those multi-purpose pieces of clothing. Dress up with a pair of heels and a fitted blazer or dress down with a cute pair of tennis sneakers and a sweater. Either way, you will feel comfy and trendy!


Floral Patterned Scarves and Masks

Fall fashion - floral scarf and mask

Fall fashion just wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t include scarves and boots.  This season, incorporating the floral trend with your scarf or mask adds femininity to any outfit.  With masks being a necessity these days and scarves completing a fall outfit, it just makes sense to have a two-in-one piece that works for both need and fashion. 


Patchwork, Fringes, and Ruffles

Patches were once upon a time a way of fixing a hole in the elbow and knee areas of kid’s clothing. Now, it is considered a way of decorating clothing – both for children and adults. Tassels, fringes, and ruffles add another form of decoration to clothing… and now it is an all-in-one fashion trend this fall. Finding the perfect blend for a woman over 50 that incorporates it all is not easy and not always possible if you want a glamorous look. Our best suggestion is to find simple pieces that blend well together. A pair of fringed ankle boots style a fall outfit and combine it with a beautiful ruffled blouse – you will certainly appear to both polished and trendy! 

Fashion trends come and go but your style is what you make it. Whatever the trend is for this season, never lose yourself… Always be you because you are perfectly you! 

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Fall Fashion for Women Over 50