Fairmont – Sustainable Beekeeping Program

By on June 14, 2018

For the past 25 years, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has been committed to protecting its local environments through its award-winning Fairmont Sustainability Partnership. This includes the Sustainable Beekeeping Program that features over 20 honeybee apiaries and 8 bee hotels at Fairmont locations around the world.

Over the years, through Fairmont’s Bee Sustainable initiative, which is part of the luxury hotel brand’s larger Fairmont Sustainability Partnership program, Fairmont has committed itself to improve the overall health and conservation of bee species globally and has built more than 20 apiaries and pollinator bee hotels at properties around the world.

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The Fairmont bee hotels were built by engineers at participating locations across Canada and the US in consultation with Pollinator Partnership, the largest not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. 

Designs incorporate reused materials and were inspired by the local surroundings. From a wine barrel bee hotel in Sonoma to a miniature version of the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston to a beautiful design that features the Washington monument in DC., the engineers spared no creativity when developing the concepts. The bee hotel at The Plaza in New York is French-inspired and was developed in partnership with the Central Park Conservancy and Fairmont’s international Bee Sustainable partner River of Flowers.

Not only does this help the local environment by providing bees to pollinate area gardens and parks, but by harvesting the honey, chefs can offer delicious, local and sustainable honey for use in onsite bars and restaurants. A proven success, the program has now extended beyond North America, with onsite hives thriving in Scotland, Kenya, and China as well.

Fairmont is the industry leader when it comes to supporting honeybee health. Expanding their focus to wild mason bees and their need for habitat is a natural evolution of our bee programming. Wild bees are incredibly efficient pollinators and we rely on them for 80 percent of the food we eat. Bee visits are critical to most flowering plants and vital to healthy ecosystems and agriculture. It is up to every one of us to do our share, right now, while the opportunity for the reversal of decline is still within our grasp. Installing bee hotels and planting pollinator-friendly plants are very practical ways to take action now.


A series of Bee Sustainable packages will be available throughout the summer with participating hotels offering 10 percent off the daily rate and a $50 dining credit per stay. Ten dollars from each stay will also be donated to the Pollinator Partnership to support important bee research and programming. 

Research and development are currently underway with River of Flowers to build regionally relevant bee hotels in Dubai and Singapore, with more global locations forthcoming in the years ahead. 

About Pollinator Partnership 

The Pollinator Partnership (P2) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. P2 works with farmers, beekeepers, scientists, governments and members of the industry to promote actions and policies that benefit protect and promote pollinators. Without the actions of pollinators’ agricultural economies, our food supply, and surrounding landscapes would collapse. In 2016 P2 celebrated 20 years of action and advocacy for pollinators. Visit www.pollinator.org to learn more.

For more information, please visit Fairmont.

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Fairmont – Sustainable Beekeeping Program