The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 is Surprising!)

By on June 14, 2018
The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

Are you planning to start the keto diet and get that rocking body in time for summer? While going low-carb is an excellent way to burn fat efficiently, it’s not the easiest. This diet isn’t just about cutting out bread and ice cream from your meal plans! There will be a couple of obstacles you’ll run into, which results in slow to no visible results at all. That’s why it’s crucial to take note of what to follow and different low-carb diet mistakes to avoid.

Do you feel stuck on a plateau despite feeling the signs and symptoms of ketosis? Then you might want to see if you’re committing any of these low-carb diet mistakes!

9 Common Low-Carb Diet Mistakes

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From expecting results too quickly down to overindulging in the wrong foods, here are the nine most common and overlooked low-carb diet mistakes you might have been doing:

  1. Skipping on Vegetables

Vegetables contain carbs, but that doesn’t mean you should make it an excuse to remove them from your diet! Many low-carb dieters complain about not feeling the best, and it turns out they aren’t getting enough fruits or vegetables.

Non-starchy vegetables are filled with required vitamins and minerals to sustain our bodies during the diet. While you should be wary of starchy vegetables such as potatoes, start adding more dark leafy greens on your plate. Bell peppers, spinach, kale, zucchinis, broccoli, and cauliflowers are a must to any diet!

  1. Eating Too Many “Allowed” Foods
    The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

Just because you’re going low-carb doesn’t mean you can overindulge on food like bacon and cheese! Just like my advice on consuming vegetables, the diet isn’t an excuse to eat fatty food. Not only does overconsuming fatty meat and processed oils have health risks, but it can also cause weight gain from the calorie overload!

Be wary of your health rather than going all out on fat and protein.

  1. Not Planning Well Enough

This is one mistake I’ve always been guilty of when beginning a diet. If you’re unable to create that concrete meal and exercise plan, it will be difficult keeping up with the diet and expecting good results.

If you’re new to the diet, there’s no doubt that you may run into old eating habits which can hinder your progress. I recommend that you sit down and take the time to reconsider your habits, make plans on changing SLOWLY, and plan. This is where meal-planning can help. That way, you have keto-friendly food ready and won’t be tempted to go to the nearest drive-thru.

  1. Always Consuming “Low-Carb” Packaged Food

Low-carb ice cream, frozen dinners, or meal replacement bars might seem like a quick way to get into ketosis. However, be wary of these packaged goods, as they contain preservatives and ingredients like maltitol, which is just as bad as sugar!

Like mentioned, focus on both health and fitness when losing weight. It’s much better to get your calories from whole foods rather than these go-to foods.

  1. Not Exercising Enough

    The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

While you can lose weight without exercise, having a consistent workout routine can have you reach goals even quicker and at a healthy pace. After all, exercise has a ton of health benefits besides burning calories.

  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep
    The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

While sleep doesn’t directly affect your weight loss goals, it impacts your energy and appetite. Without enough sleep, you won’t have much energy to exercise and focus. Plus, it can cause imbalanced insulin levels, which leaves you with an increased appetite, craving for sugar!

When you begin the keto diet, make sure to adjust bad sleep schedules and have about seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

  1. Depriving Yourself

While there’s such a thing as overindulging on fat and protein, depriving yourself of carbs and protein is just as bad. When you deprive yourself of the food you like, you end up craving for them over time. This can lead to you going back to your old eating habits. I can’t tell you how many times I went through the horrid cycle of deprivation, craving, binging, feeling guilty, then restarting again.

So instead of restriction, give yourself a little treat a day, or whenever you crave for it. You can also make your desserts and carb-rich meals keto-friendly with the right ingredient substitutions.

  1. You Don’t Know Your Macros

    The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

The point of the low-carb diet is to count your macros rather than calories (while still being wary of how much you eat). If you aren’t knowledgeable about how much carbs, protein, and fat you should eat, then you’re not going to reach your goals efficiently.

Don’t only look into carbs. Make sure that you distribute your calories efficiently, consuming low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat while focusing on healthy choices.

  1. Are You Getting Enough Sodium?

Last but not the least, make sure that you replenish the sodium lost from going into the low-carb diet. One of the main reasons why you suffer from the keto flu is because of not getting enough sodium. With that being said, you can have broth or add salt to your food each day.

Wrapping It Up
The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 Is Surprising!)

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when following a low-carb diet? Our comment section is open; we would love to hear your stories and suggestions!

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The 9 Low-Carb Diet Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For (Number 1 is Surprising!)