Effective Ways Women Over 50 Keep Their Blood Sugar in Check

By on October 13, 2020
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High blood sugar is synonymous with a plethora of health problems. From cardiovascular disease to diabetes, high blood sugar can pave the way for a host of serious issues. With this in mind, it’s in every woman over 50’s best interest to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Fortunately, for many of us, this isn’t nearly as daunting as it may sound. The fight against high blood sugar is won through relatively minor lifestyle changes, a little bit of willpower, and a commitment to self-improvement.

Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise can prove beneficial to your health in a number of ways. Exercise heightens your concentration, improves mental health, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Consistent exercise can play an invaluable role in keeping your blood sugar in check. Moderate exercise – like walking, for example – makes your heartbeat slightly faster and causes you to breathe a little harder. At the same time, your muscles use more glucose – i.e., the sugar found in your bloodstream. Not only can moderate exercise help decrease your blood sugar, but it also stands to increase the functionality of your body’s insulin.   

This isn’t to say that you’ll need to push yourself to your physical limits in order to see results. Stretches, aerobics, walking, and other forms of light exercise should generally be enough to help lower your blood sugar. Even everyday tasks like gardening, yard chores, and housework can prove helpful in this endeavor. Additionally, with COVID-19 very much an active threat, it’s strongly advised that you stick to working out at home. Talk with your doctor if you’re unclear on which types of exercise are best suited to your age and fitness goals. 

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Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Being overweight goes hand-in-hand with high blood sugar levels. Furthermore, people who are overweight or obese are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight can prove helpful in staving off both of these problems. Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to weight loss. While certain types of diet and exercise work wonders for some individuals, they’re not nearly as effective for others. 

If you’re interested in formulating a weight loss plan that’s uniquely suited to your situation, get in touch with your doctor. Keep in mind that many weight loss plans require time and patience. Don’t be too quick to throw in the towel if you fail to see immediate results. Additionally, certain plans need to be altered as time goes on, so if you hit a snag, talk to your doctor about making changes.     

Eat a Healthy Diet 

Healthy eating habits can serve you well in a variety of areas. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight and reducing your risk of heart disease, sticking to a good diet can go a long way in keeping blood sugar levels in check. Although your doctor should be able to provide you with a more detailed list, common foods associated with healthy blood sugar levels include most fruits, most nuts, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, cold-water fish, and garlic. Additionally, since apple cider vinegar has been linked to a reduction in fasting blood sugar, you may also want to talk to your doctor about trying apple cider vinegar gummies.    

Don’t Skip Meals 

Some people adhere to the mistaken belief that skipping meals will help them low blood sugar. Not only is this notion flat-out wrong, following it can prove downright dangerous, particularly for people with diabetes. Skipping breakfast, for example, can result in blood sugar increases after eating both lunch and dinner. That being the case, make a point of eating three balanced meals per day, even if this entails getting up earlier than you’d prefer or sacrificing leisure time.   

High blood sugar can be a substantial detriment to good health. Allowing your blood sugar levels to remain consistently high can set the stage for a plethora of pressing issues. In fact, certain conditions associated with elevated blood sugar can significantly reduce your quality of life. These conditions will even place your life in danger. The problems synonymous with high blood sugar can certainly be scary. Bringing your blood sugar down to healthy levels needn’t be an uphill battle. Working with your doctor and utilizing the previously discussed pointers can prove tremendously helpful in keeping high blood sugar at bay. 

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Effective Ways Women Over 50 Keep Their Blood Sugar in Check