An Easy Way of Getting Started in Exercise for over and under 50’s!

By on October 11, 2011

By Francoise Bonhoure –

Although a beginner program might be called ‘for seniors’, in fact all the content is often most useful for under-50’s too!

This is for the ‘layman’, for all age groups, including beginners in these methods – in fact, anyone who wants to remain feeling young and healthy.

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Exercises of Chinese origin stemming from the age-old understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine are the easiest and most rewarding methods. The Ancient Chinese have long ago realized, through observing Nature, the seasons and the way ‘chi’ moves in the energy pathways of the body, that there is an order in this universe.

When one goes against the order, the flow of the universe – be it in terms of looking after our health or a business decision taken in haste and with a purely selfish purpose, for example – we suffer from the corresponding consequences.

The reason for the unfolding problems is ‘scattered-ness’, a lack of connection between the different aspects of our being (mental, physical and emotional).

The ‘gathering’ as opposed to the ‘scattering’ of our energy is the remedy for our ills and a short and easy program would be an example of this.

So, which program is a beginner exercise program? A lot of qigong exercise programs for health and well being are, but there is an order in which to study and apply them.

You might be familiar with the fact that we have 6 main organ systems in our body:

  • the Liver
  • the Lungs
  • the Heart
  • the Spleen
  • the Kidneys
  • the 3 Warmers

They are individually linked as well as related to the other systems (joints, muscles, blood vessels etc.).

Programs of Chinese origin use this system for their exercises by using simple sounds, easy movements, breathing and concentration together, helping our system reorganize the flow of vital energy to these organs and, if done regularly, while enjoying the method we start enjoying much better health (preventing and possibly helping to cure illness).

An extended beginner exercise video program, including several routines, customized exercises that teach these various methods may be helpful.

Francoise Bonhoure is a trained senior in methods promoting health and well-being with Exercise Programs for seniors – Her latest programs: The 6 Simple Sounds and The Beginner Exercise Program is most comprehensive, fun, educative and effective!

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An Easy Way of Getting Started in Exercise for over and under 50’s!