Don’t Let Your Age Define You


Do you ever get out of bed and feel an ache here, a pain there, and wonder “where did that come from?”. Or how about the first time you got down on the floor and noticed it wasn’t so easy getting back up? Our modern lifestyle revolves around too much sitting, too much stress, and too little movement. Especially with what’s currently unfolding around the world.  

Whatever your age, if you’re feeling the effects of inactivity, age, and stress, you’re not alone. The good news? You can do something about it.

At 53 I am living proof of a life made better through movement

Liz Grantham, founder of, managed to turn her life around with the one thing she was convinced she didn’t need.

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“Like most of us, I carry a fairly intense daily load: relentless, tight deadlines and demands, endless requests for help that I’m not good at saying no to and trying to be a really conscious single parent, sister, and friend. Around six years ago, my stress levels were rocketing and my body was in a really bad place. I was advised that a significant part of the solution was that I had to make regular exercise a priority.

“Of course I made every excuse in the book as to why it wasn’t an option, but my excuses didn’t cut it; if I didn’t get moving I was at serious risk of adrenal fatigue and would be popping Ibuprofen for the rest of my life,” Grantham explains.  “That really scared me, so I started reaching out to see if I could find an exercise option that would finally work for me in the long term.”  

Through her research, Liz was introduced to functional movement and was intrigued. As a believer in functional medicine, it sounded like a potential solution. “Especially since the science behind it was actually so simple.”

You have to move to survive … and thrive

For centuries, humans have had to adapt to the environment. We had to walk, run, climb, and fight to survive. Today, our modern environments are built for convenience at the expense of movement and we find ourselves sitting for hours on end; behind our desks, in our cars, and on our couches. This is a real problem.

However, no matter how much our lifestyles have changed over the centuries, one thing remains the same: Our bodies were built to move.

The movements your exercise routine might be missing

You may be thinking, I lift weights and walk my dog every day — isn’t that good enough?

Not quite.

While any exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, many exercises we do work our body parts in isolation, not as a coordinated, controlled integrated whole body workout — and lack the full spectrum of functional, everyday movements that ultimately keep us moving without limitation. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what someone new to the program has to say:

We have a motorcycle and we took a ride the other day. I was able to swing my leg

up and over that motorcycle to get on the seat. And I said to my husband, “Wow,

that is really easy”. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that this is helping me.” Lisa S

Remember, our bodies are made up of 600+ muscles and approximately 206 bones, each with a job to do, each connected to another, with no part moving or functioning in isolation.

In order to preserve balance, stability, strength and flexibility — all things that begin to slowly fade away from your 20s and continue to limit your mobility as you age — you have to go back to basics.

Meet Integrated Functional Movement Routines. The best fitness-for-life exercise available

Integrated functional Movement Routines (IMRs) is a name for a specially designed series of functional movement patterns that mimic the way we move in real life. By practicing these patterns, you’ll relearn how the puzzle pieces in your body (joints, tendons, muscles) all fit together and build strength, stability, flexibility, and balance to boot.

Within days, moving your body will feel a lot easier, your energy levels will improve, and you’ll likely have fewer aches and pains.

You will stand taller, reach without fear of pulling a muscle, hit a golf ball farther or garden with greater pleasure. Ultimately, the goal is to grow older living a life based on your aspirations without being limited by your physical freedom.  

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At a time when many of us are getting back to basics in so many areas of our lives – eating less-processed foods and finding natural remedies to heal us, isn’t it time we return to the basics of movement? offers an extensive collection of at-home Integrated (Functional) Movement Routines (IMRs), graded by fitness level and time. Every routine works your whole body to stretch and strengthen muscles, improve joint durability, and re-align your body. In no time at all you’ll feel a noticeable difference in the way you move and feel.

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Don’t Let Your Age Define You
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