Post Workout Routine For Women Over 50

By on April 14, 2020
Post workout

Once your workout is done, you might need to dash out the door so you can hit the next item on your to-do list. Taking the time to prioritize a post workout is key to optimal recovery, especially as you age beyond 50. Recovery is important to get the great results you desire most.

Approach your fitness plan from a place of self-compassion and embrace the process with less perfectionism. Accept yourself as you are now! It may seem counterintuitive, by pushing yourself less and caring for yourself more, but you can actually get way more done with this approach. Burnout often is the price of ignoring your need for self-care, and getting burned out will sabotage your fitness goals.

Optimal Workout Results

For many women over 50, building muscle like a bodybuilder is not the goal. We are mostly looking to strengthen a healthier body with toned muscle. Recovery is where muscle-sculpting magic happens. Optimizing muscle recovery means that you get more definition and strength. 

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Getting amazing results from any workout, is a two-part process, challenging yourself during the workout, and then recovery.

Stretching For Tone

Stretching tired and sore muscles after a work out is essential as it enhances flexibility and reduces muscle tension after a workout. When you stretch after a workout, you benefit from both physiological and psychological effects.

Stretching lengthens out the muscles. Lengthening the muscle is what adds the shape to it and your physique. A simple stretching routine can make all the difference in your flexibility long-term, and also helps reduce the risk of injuries.

Reduce Lactic Acid

The moment you workout your muscles, the body produces lactic acid. Lactic acid makes the muscles fatigued and sore, and are the greatest culprit of our stiff achy muscles. Stretching eliminates the lactic acid that accumulates within the muscle tissue during the workout and stretching relaxes the muscles.

Treat Not Cheat

After the workout, you need to replenish the lost minerals and liquids. It is too easy to follow the typical suggestion and drink very sugary drinks. Don’t overcomplicate the process, but do as much as you can. Detox salt baths like Pursoma, infrared saunas, and massage therapy can be amazing additions to your self-care routine.

But also, simple actions like brewing some hot tea, soaking in a hot bath, and getting enough rest at night can form the foundation of your self-care practice.

Don’t Skip Rest Days

It is very tempting to want to push as hard as you can. Some people are very goal orientated and do not stop until the goal is achieved. As women over 50, we know that our bodies do not work like machines on command. We need to listen to them and follow the lead that our body gives us.

Some studies suggest that losing sleep can lead to increased levels of stress hormones and lowered human growth hormones. Growth hormones are essential for muscle repair.

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Post Workout Routine For Women Over 50