The Dilemma of Women and Mental Illness

By on October 8, 2019
Mental Illness

Mental illness is running rampant in modern society, but the reason is hotly debated and clearly not understood. As more studies try to find the reason for the sudden rise in mental health among Americans, the statistics are startling. While men and women both suffer from mental issues, women are almost twice as likely to develop depression or suffer from traumatic events than men. Many scholars blame the problem on female hormones and try to argue women are prone to be emotional, but that is far from the truth. It has recently come to light that women often suffer from a dual diagnosis of mental disorders rather than a single, and that is the dilemma of women and mental illness.

Life Pressure

There is no question that both men and women are battered by stressful experiences throughout their life. There is also no question that different personality types can be affected by these life experiences in different ways and with differing results; however, there is also no question that society holds women to a different standard than men in body image, associated beauty ideals, and clothing styles. For most women, this double standard in wages, workplace harassment, and social discrimination can lead to mental health issues in the form of depression, alcohol abuse, anxiety, or isolation disorders.

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Social Pressure

Women are pressured to maintain their silence when they feel a shift in their mental experience. Many are told it is about the hormones, they are just being overly dramatic, and they should have expected to get attacked because of the way they dressed. The common challenges women face can lead to additional problems on top of the depression, anxiety, or isolation they feel, and that is where new and redeeming treatment plans come into play. Many studies are identifying a way to treat women with more than one mental disorder. It could be depression and alcohol, anxiety and PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and an eating condition, or any other combination of more than one mental issue.

Trigger Pressure

As studies reaffirm that women are much more likely to suffer from mental illness, the psychologists and scientists are also finding that girls are developing mental issues at a much younger age than ever before. Some believe it is due to the rampant and ever-present bullying in schools and amongst children’s peers, while others attribute the low self-esteem and depression in children to the social stigma women face for being born female – and therefore not good enough.  No matter the reason, the treatment plans are now available for women of every age and finding all the triggers instead of focusing on a single issue has become a widely successful program.

Inner Pressure

You have the power to become the best you can be by looking at the possibility of finding your treatments for your individual challenges. Dual recovery is possible with the help of medically specialized personal that care about what you feel and think. You can try behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, medication, and journaling. Don’t let your life experience limit you to a lifetime filled with anxiety or depression – fight back today with a program of care that believes in you. Look for a dual recovery center near you and begin your journey.


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The Dilemma of Women and Mental Illness