Emotional and Mental Issues After a Car Accident

By on August 30, 2019
Car Accident

The number of road accidents is increasing every day, even though there are a lot of campaigns to introduce and enforce the policies to follow traffic rules and taking precautions including wearing seat belts and helmets etc. The reasons for the car accident can vary considerably, but most important is the negligence by the drivers to follow the rules.

Number of people dying in accidents

It had been estimated that about 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year, on average three thousand, two hundred and eighty-seven deaths a day. And the number of injured or physically impaired has reached to around twenty to fifty million. It has also been recorded that more than half of people suffering in these accidents are young adults ages 15-44.

Accidents impact personalities

Accidents can have an immense impact on human beings both physically and sometimes mentally as well. Sometimes the accidents are so minor that people physically feel fit and fine and ignore to seek help medically and legally. However, Naqvi Law suggests taking legal consultation even though the accident was very trivial. There is a possibility that the accident was actually a fender-bender and did not require a legal action be taken. But it is always advised to consult a legal attorney.

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People usually consider those accident injuries can only be physical, that can incur a monetary cost (impairment to work, property damage or hospital expenses), and not mental or emotional. However, accidents can have mental or emotional impacts on the human brain as well, which may not be visible instantly and appear in the longer run.

It had been reported during different studies that traumatic brain injuries are more common than physical injuries in road accidents. When the head bangs against the air so suddenly and immensely without a prior warning, there are a lot of things that happen at the same time. The loud noise, sudden to and from motion and senselessness causes serious traumatic brain injuries. So, consequently, even if you feel perfectly fine, you may still ave injured your brain. These injuries later in life can appear as sleeplessness, headaches, becoming forgetful or occasional mood swings that impact your behavior and personality and can affect your healthy lifestyle. A person who feels himself so close to death, his perspectives about the things definitely change and obviously, he starts taking decisions with that particular new mindset and that is how his personality changes and he starts living a different life. Moreover, a person may suffer from depression and anxiety.

Therefore, it’s advised to adhere to certain prescribed rules and regulations so as to avoid any difficulties in the long run and so that you can preserve your rights.

Legal help in civil law

The civil law has some very helpful rules that can help the victim to take lawful actions against the offender. It has a detailed overview of how the level of injury would be described and what kind of punishments be ordered in particular cases.

Accidents might be physically harmless but they can cause mental illnesses. And it is very important to take medical and legal consultation if you are involved in an accident.


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Emotional and Mental Issues After a Car Accident