The Three Best Diamond Jewelry Gifts

By on July 30, 2019
Diamond jewelry

Whether you’re nearing your 60th wedding anniversary or looking for the perfect birthday present, diamonds are great for their versatility and, what seems like, universal admiration. But, with so many options, it might be hard to decide on the best gift for your loved one. In this article, we’re breaking down the three best diamond jewelry gifts to give or receive.

  • Eternity Band

What better way to say “I love you” than with a ring that represents a lifetime of happiness? Eternity bands most commonly feature a single row of accent diamonds, but they’re also found in solid metal — often white, yellow, or rose gold. Although an eternity band can be used as a wedding ring, they’ve recently been in the spotlight as an easy addition to your bridal set to help create a ring stack. 

  • Three Stone Engagement Ring

As a representation of the past, present, and future, this style of ring is the perfect reminder of your love story. It is also a great idea if you’ve always wanted to update your significant others’ current engagement ring. With the 60th wedding anniversary being the year of diamonds, a three-stone engagement ring might just be the perfect gift!

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  • Diamond Studs

Every woman needs a pair of gorgeous diamond studs in her jewelry box. Not only are they extremely versatile in nature, but they’re an easy go-to, even when traveling. You’ll often find studs in white or yellow gold with either standard (friction) backings or screw-on and off (for more security).

Where should I buy diamond jewelry?

Although your first instinct might be to head to the jewelry store, it’s important nowadays to also do your research online. With a simple Google search, you can now find tons of online options that will likely be less than what you can find in-store. Most companies will even offer free shipping, so you don’t even have to worry about heading to the store!

If you love the idea of buying diamond jewelry, but the price tags make you a bit uneasy, go with a diamond retailer who sells certified lab-grown diamonds. Not only are they chemically identical to a mined diamond, but they’re also up to 20-40% less expensive. This will cut down on your price tag without cutting back on the quality of your stone.

Tips for shopping online

  • Like you would in-person, make sure you shop around a bit and compare prices.
  • Do your research on the 4 C’s of diamonds — especially if you’re considering a three-stone engagement ring. 
  • Look at reviews to see what other people have to say about the company.
  • See what long term offerings they include in each purchase. 

Diamonds are a wonderful gift, especially if you’re at a place financially that maybe you weren’t 20-30 years ago. However, the diamond industry has made leaps and bounds since then. Make sure you’re up to speed with all of the new technology, including man-made diamonds. Then, make it a day your partner will never forget!


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The Three Best Diamond Jewelry Gifts