Jewelry and YOUR Body Silhouette!

By on November 11, 2011

Who knew that you might choose your jewelry based on your Body Silhouette? Believe it or not, you can balance out the shape of your face and body with the right necklace. Your arms can be made to look more willowy with the right bracelets. Rings can even play a positive part in the appearance of your hands!


Women of average height and weight, those with oval faces, and thin, tall women can select almost any style of necklace. Necklaces of same-size pearls or gemstones are especially attractive on tall women. Chokers help de-emphasize height.

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The rectangular face needs jewelry that adds width and disguises its length. Both chokers and U-shaped necklaces reduce the length help break up the angles to flatter the face. These styles also help soften the sharp chin of a triangular or heart-shaped face.

Longer necklaces help lengthen the look of square or round faces. They also add stretch to a short frame when worn below the bust line but above the waist.

For the full-figured, longer styles draw the eye downward elongating your height. Pieces with larger stones and/or thicker chains are also preferable to small, delicate pieces


Wider bracelets are more proportionate for women of average height. Narrow bands and bangles are great choices for petite women. Delicate bracelets make longer arms look gangly. Depending on height, either several narrow bands worn together or a couple of wide bands adds balance to a full figure.


Select rings according to the size and shape of your finger. Long fingers can handle almost any style of ring. However, oval or round settings soften the look of overly thin fingers and wider bands are more flattering than thin ones.

If your fingers are short, measure the area between the knuckle on your hand and the first joint of your finger. Make sure the setting and stone don’t extend past the knuckle. As well as being uncomfortable, rings that cover the knuckle tend to make fingers look shorter. Narrow bands are definitely a better choice for short fingers!

Jewelry can play such a key part in your LOOK, so have fun!!

Based on what you learned above, what piece are you going to pull out and wear??


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Jewelry and YOUR Body Silhouette!