Date Night In for Women Over 50

By on April 30, 2021
date night

With everything opening back up these days, more people than ever are heading back out into the world for dinner out, date nights, and even travel. However, not everyone feels 100% confident doing this yet; and that is entirely understandable. After over a year, we’re all pretty comfortable staying in for most things, but sometimes, we have cause to celebrate, and not being able to go out, and toast in an actual restaurant or club hits harder than usual. There are still ways to have a great date night in, though. Here’s a list of ways to do just that!

Home Theater

We’re all used to sitting on the couch (or even lying in bed) and watching a movie with our partners. One silver lining of lockdown has been direct to the rental release of most new movies. Why not switch things up from the usual on the couch in pajamas experience to something akin to an actual theater. Surprise your significant other with a ticket and tell them you’re going on a date. Have the lights low, ditch the microwave bag, and pop your popcorn kernels on the stove for peak quality-tasting popcorn. Enjoy a brand new release from one of the many apps you can download to your television to watch recent blockbusters. An atmosphere like this is incredibly romantic because you can definitely cuddle closer on a loveseat than a theater one. You can even kick it up a notch higher by purchasing a projector. These are much more affordable than they used to be and so fun! Honestly, you’ll probably choose to watch both movies and television on your projector after your date!

Dress to Impress 

We all learned quickly while quarantining that we had a much more positive mood and certainly better days when we got out of our loungewear and dressed for the day as we did pre-lockdown. Consider applying this same thought pattern to your date. If you’re making dinner at home, dress like you would if you were going out to a nice dinner together. If you’re really going all out with a several-course meal and dessert for your partner, make the vibe in the house match the meal; and don’t stop there – dress the part yourself. If you’d typically wear a coat or tie, do so; if you’d typically wear a dress and heels, go for it!

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Spa Day 

Not all dates have to happen at night. One of the most intimate dates a couple can share is a couples spa day together (ahem, couples massage?). Take turns being each other’s masseuses and relax one another. This past year has been incredibly hectic and challenging for us all, so we’re all in need of some deep relaxation. If you’re not comfortable (understandably) heading to an actual spa, this is a great idea. Set the tone with calming candles and diffusing essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus to relax the two of you – frankly, you should take yourself on this date solo once a week anyway! Once you’ve set the mood, go all out! You can take a bath together, use store-bought masks and deep cleanse your faces. Whatever suits your fancy!

Get Gaming!

Sometimes it seems like the way of the board or card game is all but forgotten. Noone seems to play them like we used to. But, a little friendly competition never hurts anybody, and gaming banter is flirty and fun. There are plenty of two-player games aside from Scrabble, so choose your favorite one and get going! If you haven’t played board games in a while, this could remind you of how fun they are and may even spawn a new weekly tradition of playing your favorites every week. If games aren’t up your alley at all, puzzles are an excellent time too. Sure, you two might end up abandoning it, but if you start with an easier one and work your way up, this could become a fun tradition as well!

With several options to choose from above, pick one and let your imagination take over! You can build on all of these in more specific ways for you and your partner. Keep the whimsy in your relationship by continuing to go on “adventures” with one another. Even if you’re locked down, your love doesn’t have to be.

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Date Night In for Women Over 50