Cup of Empowerment 7/02/12

By on July 2, 2012

“Ping, Ping” I said as I played cowboys with my big brother. He was Roy Rogers and I was Dale Evans, with outfits and all, never realizing that someday I would know them! (One of my favorite memories is sitting on barstools in Dale’s kitchen eating cake and celebrating my birthday with them both!) Sometimes my brother, Lenard Monty, named after a grandfather and a special uncle, would have me play war, again with our powerful and not so powerful weapons.

When he shot me, it came with a loud blast and magnificent sound…oh, it was so impressive. So when I returned with my “ping, ping”, it just was not acceptable. He took me aside and said, “Do you know how embarrassing it is to be shot with a “ping”? Then he proceeded to train me in the art of the sound of heavy artillery. As I changed my sound, I began to become more powerful, giving my brother a much greater challenge!

In widow’s ministry, I have found that most widows agree with the lie that they don’t fit and thus do not have much value. Their sound is more like a “ping” and sometimes a “spurt” as in a squirt gun! And let me tell you, gals, it will affect your prayer life. The devil knows that God certainly hears your cry and will establish the borders or boundaries you set. The enemy wants you to think you are a only a spurt, when in reality you are a BAZOOKA!!!!

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We are the stealth missile that can go behind the enemy’s line! It’s OK that we are not noticed. Don’t let it make you feel like you do not belong, let it become your radar for the assignment God’s given you! Lift up your antennas and see what you can agree with Heaven over. We become that conduit that brings Heaven to Earth declaring, “As it is in Heaven, let it be here!”

Do you see a door of the enemy that needs to be closed? Simply say “No” to it and don’t allow it. (Keep in mind, we are not fighting against people, but against darkness. Stay in the Light, full of the Light and it will dispel darkness. Release love to the people and darkness will go.) As we walk close with the Lord, our Commander, our fine tuning will increase. We will know what pleases Him and what does not. We will not get caught up in petty stuff, for we recognize we are on a mission, much greater than getting our feelings hurt.

Can you imagine a secret agent going into a situation to uncover the enemy’s strategies to bring them back to his generals, and getting his feelings hurt because someone did not speak to them or looked at them wrongly? We would say, “Are you sure you are called to this assignment?”  

That is the key. Knowing that we are called and do have a special assignment. It is no surprise to God that we are widowed either by death of a spouse, divorce or abandonment. He has committed Himself to us and declares that He is our Husband! (Isa 54:5); He certainly or surely hears our heart as we cry out to Him (Ex 22:23); That He defends us (Deut 10:18 and Ps 68:5); He sustains (fortifies, builds up) us (Ps 146:9); He establishes our boundaries, territory and borders (Pro 15:25); He uses us to open up cities and regions to the gospel (Acts 6, Luke 7:11-15); and uses us in the example of pure religion or worship that God accepts! (James 1:27) We have a special assignment, and are equipped for it! We just have to rise up and agree with it with our words and actions!

We are a Bazooka, not a Squirt Gun!!!



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About CarolMarie Smith

CarolMarie is an international speaker and writer, she inspires audiences worldwide to bring widows into their place of power. She is the co-author of the "Widows Ministry Leadership Training" manual that has been translated into six languages and used around the world. The teachings and revelations lift off hopelessness and move the widow into their unique place of purpose as well as help leaders and ministries move into a place of greater power and blessing. A Bible teacher for over 30 years, a radio and television personality, as well as a featured writer for magazines and newspapers, CarolMarie often incorporates humor with her passion to call us to our special place in the heart of God. A widow since 1999, CarolMarie relates to the plight widows face and yet has experienced first hand the transforming presence of God that lifts off shame and moves all types of widows into intimate relationship with Him. CarolMarie is the founder of He's My Husband International, a ministry based out of Knoxville, TN. She also serves with several global ministries that have outreaches to orphans and widows, including Widows International, Matthew 10 International, and Abiding Glory.

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Cup of Empowerment 7/02/12