Cup of Empowerment 3/26/12

By on March 26, 2012

As I enjoy my cup of tea, I am thinking about my meeting with the Lord during the night watch of 3-6AM. I was reading John chapter 14, loving on Him and enjoying His love, when I had the strongest sensation that the front door to my house was open. I looked up at the door intently because the sensation was so strong. I thought, “I had dead bolted it”! After realizing everything was okay, I returned to my reading. 

In this chapter, Jesus was saying (verses 10-23) that the “words” He speaks are not of Himself, but from the Father who was doing the “works.” He asks us to believe Him that He is in the Father and that the Father is in Him, or else believe Him for the very “works” sake. I saw a door of understanding open up between the WORDS, the WORKS and BELIEF. I knew He had more for me to learn, and so I pressed for a deeper revelation. 

He started showing me that the door to my house was open. My “house” represents my life. He was leading me through the door of “greater works” (verse 12) with greater “words” and by giving me the strategy. If we love Him, we will keep His commandments, and Jesus will pray that the Father will send the Holy Spirit, that He may abide with us forever.   

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Jesus calls Holy Spirit the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth. Jesus introduces us to the third part of the trinity, which represents both Him and Father. When we move into this place with Holy Spirit (verse 20), we will know that Jesus is in the Father and we are in Him and He is in us. When we do what He says to do (His commandments), the same as Jesus did only what He saw the Father do and said only what the Father said, it shows that we have moved into His love. His promise is that we will be loved by the Father and the Son and they will “manifest” themselves to us. Holy Spirit opens the door for them to make their “abode” or dwelling place with us!  

This is a time when the dead bolt doesn’t work, and we are so glad it doesn’t! He wants to come in and dwell with us! Now, if we have repented, received Jesus as our Savior and asked Him into our lives, we have been introduced to Holy Spirit. As we learn God’s voice and spend time with Him, doing what He says do and saying what He says, our belief muscle grows and our ability to know His love grows too. God promises to manifest Himself to us and make His abode with us! 

How do you need God to manifest Himself to you today? Does your problem seem bigger than His provision? Are you looking at what you are keeping out of your house more than what you need to come in? What you focus on you will move towards. So let’s focus on Him, His Word, His attributes, His love, and His promises! He has given us His promises for warfare to keep us stable and focused on Him. His promises will move us into His peace and His provision.  

Say this along with me, “I align today with You, Holy One! I choose to do what You will have me do and to say what You will have me to say! If it is not birthed out of love, I will not do it or say it because I choose to walk in alignment with Your love! Lead me to the words (Your promises) that have the answer to my situation, and I will speak and do what Your word says. Thank You for Your promise that You will manifest and reveal Yourself to me in the way I need it. I welcome You through the door of my life in a greater way, Lord!”  

Enjoying the open door,


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CarolMarie is an international speaker and writer, she inspires audiences worldwide to bring widows into their place of power. She is the co-author of the "Widows Ministry Leadership Training" manual that has been translated into six languages and used around the world. The teachings and revelations lift off hopelessness and move the widow into their unique place of purpose as well as help leaders and ministries move into a place of greater power and blessing. A Bible teacher for over 30 years, a radio and television personality, as well as a featured writer for magazines and newspapers, CarolMarie often incorporates humor with her passion to call us to our special place in the heart of God. A widow since 1999, CarolMarie relates to the plight widows face and yet has experienced first hand the transforming presence of God that lifts off shame and moves all types of widows into intimate relationship with Him. CarolMarie is the founder of He's My Husband International, a ministry based out of Knoxville, TN. She also serves with several global ministries that have outreaches to orphans and widows, including Widows International, Matthew 10 International, and Abiding Glory.

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Cup of Empowerment 3/26/12