How COVID Is Changing The Way Funerals Are Conducted In The UK

By on October 9, 2020

COVID’s social distancing rules have impacted most aspects of everyday life since lockdown and this is no different when it comes to the way funerals are conducted. With a very limited number of mourners allowed at a funeral and the social distancing rules in full force, many families are turning to simpler alternatives to send off their loved ones.

With services that focus on cremations only being a top choice lately, friends and family are limiting the stress-induced funeral planning process and making more time to decide on how to say goodbye to their loved ones at a later stage.

The Benefits Of Cremations Only

 Opting for services that provide cremations only are an accessible alternative to a typical funeral. With no flowers, no funeral cars, no music, and no food or drinks, the costs are majorly cut down and the pressure is too.

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The benefits of going down this route include the extra time families will have to organize a more thoughtful send-off. Whether that is waiting for social-distancing rules to ease down in order for funerals to take place again as normal, or simply waiting for this ease in order to involve all loved ones at a large gathering when scattering your loved one’s ashes.

Not having to exclude any mourners would undoubtedly be one of the biggest benefits of services angled to include cremations only.

Direct Cremation Or Simple Cremation

A direct cremation happens with no friends or family members present. A chapel attendant accompanies your loved one to the crematorium and remains until the process is complete. Choosing a direct cremation instead of a traditional funeral service is becoming a well-liked option in the UK right now, as traditional funeral prices increase and, of course, restrictions on people’s presence remains.

With direct cremation, your loved one is transported to the crematorium, and the cremation provider ensures the total respect and dignity of the deceased throughout the process.

A simple cremation, on the other hand, includes an intimate ceremony before the cremation, where a small group of loved ones can honor the deceased’s life. This type of cremation service also allows you to choose the crematorium, whereas, with a direct cremation service, the cremation provider chooses the crematorium for you.

Simple cremation is, again, a more affordable option than a traditional funeral service, and gives you and your loved ones the opportunity to celebrate the deceased’s life in a personal and respectful manner.

Both cremation services are, however, simpler alternatives and provide extended time for loved ones to mourn and decide on whether to hold another celebration of the deceased’s life at a later stage; post-COVID.

In addition, both of these cremations only services allow you the option to receive your loved one’s ashes to scatter as you feel fit.

Should You Choose A Simpler Alternative For Your Loved One?

 Regardless of the circumstances, deciding on a funeral service or a simpler alternative, such as a director a simple cremation, is a very personal decision.

As a family, coming to a conclusion on what your loved one would have preferred, if they had not told you while on earth, is an intimate choice to make. Saying goodbye to your loved ones with support from friends and family is so important. Hence why simpler alternatives to funerals, like services that offer cremations only, have become the desired option during COVID. That strength and shared love between friends and family is a vital part of getting through any passing of a loved one.

Whether we like it or not, funerals have changed drastically in 2020. However, the way in which we choose to honor our beloved too has changed accordingly and there are options now that can make the process less painful.

No one can say for sure when these restrictions will ease but until then, funerals, as we know them, will be a thing of the past.

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How COVID Is Changing The Way Funerals Are Conducted In The UK