Tips To Plan A Meaningful Funeral Service For A Loved One

By on September 5, 2019
Funeral service

Planning a funeral is not pleasant in any aspect; however, it is essential to remain focused on planning a special day that will commemorate the life of your loved one that has passed away. As funerals and memorial services provide family and friends of the deceased to gather in honor of their life, you should focus on making the day as unique as possible. There are two main ways that a funeral can be planned; prior to the death of a loved one or alternatively after death. Even though planning beforehand would be more appropriate as your loved one would be able to provide their input, not all situations make this possible as sudden death cannot be avoided. With the following top tips, you will be able to plan a meaningful funeral service.

Body Disposition

It would be easiest to first establish the form of body disposition before planning the actual service. While burials may be traditional, the method is not always favored by the family of the departed. Cremation has become quite often opted for a form of disposition in which case you would need to consider where the most appropriate location would be to scatter the ashes of your loved one however not everyone is inclined to scatter ashes as some prefer to hold onto them for a varying time. 

Visualize A Meaningful Occasion

Attempting to visualize how the funeral should play out to exhibit the life of the departed may be extremely challenging for most, although this aspect is essential. By visualizing the event, you will be able to know what you are planning. Personalized services are often far more meaningful, which means that you should consider the deceased and what they would favor. As funerals are possibly one of the most heartfelt types of events, focusing on lifting the spirits of the guests by commemorating the incredible life of the deceased is a fantastic method. Readings such as poems and prayers often encourage the guests to accept the passing of a loved one.

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The food and drinks served at the funeral service should be discussed with each member of the family beforehand. Catering with the help of professionals may not always be suitable as some families would appreciate the opportunity to lend a hand by catering themselves. 

Considering The Dress Code

Contrary to popular belief, not all funeral services encourage a strict dress code, which is why it may be best to specify this with those who wish to attend. Communicating with family members would help you decide on the most appropriate dress code, although, regardless of how attendees will be dresses, pallbearers should maintain a smart dress code. Opting for coordinating suits for pallbearers would provide a uniform look. Even though there are countless options available, funeral ties from John Henric would be a great choice to consider. Maintaining a simple and elegant look is usually best for a meaningful funeral service.


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Tips To Plan A Meaningful Funeral Service For A Loved One