Concentrations Boost Career Options

By on December 9, 2016
Concentrations Boost Career Options

Changes in the economy and workforce demands can necessitate an educational update so you can stay relevant and employable. You can embrace change by adding an MBA to your credentials. An MBA can help you recharge for a new career or help you to attain your career goals in your present field.
When you decide to pursue your MBA, follow your passion and choose a concentration for your MBA that will help you to reach your career goals. UAB’s MBA degree online provides you with concentration options. Here are some concentrations that can boost your employability options.
A concentration in finance opens you up to opportunities in investment banking. Investment bankers work to raise money in the capital markets for organizations such as corporations and government entities. This type of banker can also take on a consultant role to provide advice on financial strategies involved in mergers and company acquisitions.
Another position that can require a finance concentration is a financial manager. In financial management, oversight is provided for all of an organization’s monetary transactions. This position may also entail budget and financial procedure planning to ensure that fiscal objectives are met. Financial managers may be employed in any corporate position involving the analysis of assets and expenditures.
Investment fund management is another finance concentration career option. There is a wide range of options in this specialty ranging from investment portfolio strategy to working with individuals and companies to invest and grow their assets. A fund manager must be conversant with a wide variety of investment options including, real estate, the stock market, and securities. Whether for a company or an individual, an investment manager must periodically evaluate and potentially revise investment portfolios to meet stated objectives.
Information Systems
Earning an MBA with an information systems concentration opens your career horizons to a robust amount of options in the business world. The University of Maryland notes that information technology opportunities are increasingly for women with a specialty in information systems. Computer and information systems manager is one of the job designations with a wide variety of tasks that depends on the organization’s needs. Managers can be involved in developing company websites, upgrading hardware and software to meet procedural objectives and computer network security.
An information technology director is responsible for the operations and security of a company’s information technology infrastructure. The strategy, planning for future growth and technology, and the deployment of infrastructure plans can also be the responsibility of the information technology director.
A chief technology officer position manages all aspects of information technology development. All establishment of technical standards and research oversight is also this position’s responsibility.
Health Services
Recent changes in the health care field due to increasing regulatory oversight means that it is necessary for health services managers to know about the specifics of the health care industry. This type of manager may oversee a department within a healthcare organization.
A hybrid of advertising and sales, marketing strives to grow a company by attracting new customers.
A marketing manager’s job may include leading a company into a new sales market, analyzing sales figures, and identifying new approaches to publicity efforts. The goal is to accentuate a company’s appeal to facilitate sales.
A concentration for your MBA can empower your job search when you get out of school. For long-term success, be sure to pick a concentration that works with your aptitudes and personality.


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Concentrations Boost Career Options