Collagen Side Effects For Women Over 50?

By on November 13, 2019
Side effects

Do we all need collagen? Many of us women over 50 take collagen daily, in the form of powder, pills, or liquid. Are there any side effects of taking collagen?

Yes! You look younger more naturally!

Collagen products are popping up everywhere. While collagen is most well known for and touted for its skincare benefits. Collagen is a major ingredient of lip enhancers and injections. There are now also collagen drinks available with many celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian drinking it. Is collagen safe to drink?

Collagen is a natural protein

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, made up of amino acids, or peptides. It literally glues our bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels together. Collagen makes our tissues grow, mature, and move. Once our body starts to lose collagen and have lower levels, we start to see the sagging and limpness of our skin. Skin creams and treatments made from the connective tissues of animals seem like an effective way to combat age. Collagen has few side effects, and if it is safe enough to apply to our skin, then it should be safe enough to consume.

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Collagen Supplements

The peptides are extremely safe and you should feel comfortable taking them on a daily basis. Collagen will support strong and healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Take it along with other protein supplements like whey, plant protein powder, and food-based proteins for a complete array of amino acids and other nutrients.

You can find collagen in various forms;

  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Drinks

Collagen drinks come in pre-dosed, ready to drink bottles. Some are pretty tiny, like little collagen shots, and some are larger (think a bottle of collagen water).

Pros- They are ready to consume, so you can skip the mixing or capsule swallowing routine.

Cons- You won’t have the option to take it your way (in food, in soup, in baking, etc). Plus, if you are not a fan of the taste you may have to add something extra in after all.

How to take liquid collagen- Choose a brand with a size that suits your taste and sip away, or take it all in one ‘shot’.

Consider- Some brands claim that liquid collagen has better bioavailability (which means it’s easier for the body to use). But specific studies to back this up are lacking.

Collagen for arthritis and healing wounds

Most of the studies of collagen proteins in our body have focused on arthritis and wound healing. Collagen supplements have been found to be effective in curbing arthritis and the healing of wounds without side effects. Little research has been done on other applications, however, it is likely that collagen drinks may lead to reduced inflammation. Additional research has found that a diet high in sugar can counter the intake of collagen and lower your collagen levels. Excessive sun exposure and smoking will also contribute to decreased collagen levels

So consider with your doctor adding collagen supplements, they may help you get more compliments for your beautiful skin and never look your age again!

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Collagen Side Effects For Women Over 50?