Closets Revealed!

By on April 16, 2013

Readers have asked to see my closets and to learn about my organization strategy so this post is a tour of my closets and storage systems.

The walk-in closet off the master bath is home to my clothes, small clutch bags, hats and most of my jewelry. That black object in front of the blanket basket is a stool.

I organize clothes according to color and by dressy or casual. Jackets are on the top and tees are on the bottom of the right side. Pajamas, dresses, tunics, winter pants and jeans are in the center. (Summer pants are in an upstairs closet for now.)

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In the reflection of the mirror you can see the left side which holds blouses and tank tops and casual jackets and sweaters.

The folding doors are fully mirrored and there is a built in chest to the left. I keep jewelry in the chest and in the mahogany jewelry box on top which was a gift from Mr. Mickey. Clutch bags are in those colorful storage boxes and hats are in the round hat boxes if they aren’t so large they won’t fit in them. (Never wear a hat wider than your shoulders.) The one hat that you see is almost there. I have never found a box to fit it.

 Picture 001 Picture 003

Picture 013The best silver cleaner ever is in the gray jar. It can be found at Target. Look for Connoisseurs® Silver Jewelry Cleaner.

Shallow trays for organizing an office drawer are great to keep jewelry from getting tangled. They can be stacked in deeper drawers. You can usually find them at Walmart or any office supply store.

I bought that mirror in an antique/junque store for $5. It was matte purple! I took it apart and painted it to look like rococo Italian carved wood.

I store my shoes and scarves in the closet of a small upstairs bedroom I’ve named my dressing room.

I found both of these shoe storage systems at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Picture Picture 019

On the back of the door is more shoe storage.

The guest bedroom has shelves along the side walls which are perfect for storing larger daytime bags and tote bags.

Picture 014 Picture 016

I keep bags stuffed with tissue to hold their shape and stored in a dust bag if they came with one.

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Closets Revealed!