The Pleasures of a Spring Garden

By on April 16, 2013

‘A Garden is a Friend You can Visit Anytime’

Today, I am quite excited. My daughter called last week asking if I would come over to help her plan a small kitchen garden. Now, you know I love gardening, growing anything, this is not all that excites me today. This daughter, is the one who we had to cajole to come out to the garden and to help – enjoy the gardening process with her family. Which she never did. She retells and recalls her experience as endlessly deadheading. She would be happy when we’d free her from her task so she could do what she wanted to do.

So, when I got the call from her I couldn’t help but feel a sense of elation – hoping she’d come to enjoy the thrill of growing something for herself and develop a lifelong love of gardening.

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tea-in-the-garden-with-Victoria-MagazineShe is an excellent cook, so she envisions herself stepping outside her patio clipping some herbs, picking some tomatoes and creating something wonderful in her kitchen. I hope to help her with that dream.

So, we’re starting small. Before meeting with her, I am in that sweet little cafe, Blackbird, that I shared with you before, a few clasic Victoria Magazines at my elbow – April is the perfect month – celebrating spring gardens.

I am opened to an article with contributing Editor Tovah Martin – oh, she is one of my favorite writers and garden enthusiasts. She is sharing ‘The Pleasure of a Potting Shed’.

“When seedlings are just starting, every gardener longs for a special place to tend them’. Tovah Martin


seeds-from-Kauffman-MercantileI truly would love to have a potting shed or greenhouse – hopefully that dream of mine will come to fruition some time this year!

But, it is so true – we carefully select the seeds, the soil etc. We clean out the pots and tenderly wait for the new birth of a plant that will give us the promise of flower or fruit. It truly is a thrilling process. I wonder and hope I can impart this to my daughter.

Tovah says of the potting shed, ‘don’t confuse it with a storage shed for garden equipment, it’s a work place, where one can garden happily even on rainy days’.

I think I need to help my daughter develop a place to tend and to care for her new seedlings and garden. So much hope – there’s love, joy and hope in a garden.

“Spring has come once more…lingering along through April and May in a succession of sweet, fresh, chill days, with pink sunsets and piracles of resurrection and growth”.
L.M. Montgomery “Anne of Green Gables”

I’m posting a wee bit early once again as I will be spending the majority of today with my daughter, garden planning!



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The Pleasures of a Spring Garden