Denim with a White Shirt

By on April 16, 2013

The combination of dark denim and a white shirt is like a blank canvas on which you can paint an endless picture.

Denim should fit well, not tight with no bling or rips. There are so many styles and shapes you can always find one that is right for your body type. Coldwater Creek is one of my favorite places to find jeans since they have a multitude of styles to choose from. Dark wash jeans are much neater looking and more flattering. I wear white blouses buttoned only about three times with a white tank top underneath, popping the collar up and turning up the sleeves. Wearing a statement necklace peeking out from the neckline is a great way to make white work for me. It isn’t a good color for my summer complexion.

Nude sandals with a bit of a wedge are my choice with most summer clothes. I chose the style shown here because they have straps that hold your foot more firmly in place as opposed to thong styles. Wearing a wedge shoe can be a great way to add height without wearing high heels. The arch may only be two inches high making them easy to wear.

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Sunglasses are basic to my wardrobe all year round. I often tie the color or style of the frames to my outfit. Here they relate the rich color of the large handbag. Never underestimate what your handbag says about you. I prefer bags that can be held by a handle or worn over my arm. Shoulder bags are not very flattering and they alter the lines of your clothing making you look messy as well as wider than you are.

Add a sporty watch with one ring and you can look very modern and polished in your jeans and a white shirt.


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Denim with a White Shirt