Your Christmas Cookie Plate

By on December 16, 2012

Each year I get to rub my hands together and giggle like a madwoman, while thinking about the festive over-the-top plate of cookies I am planning to bake. Flour and sugar flying, the whirring of my mixer, dog-eared pages in my favorite cookbooks—I can see it all now. Oh and the smell: wafting scents of cinnamon and brown sugar, chopped up chocolate then melting candy canes.

I have to hide the dough from my sons, who sprint at the faintest promise of unbaked dough. Though a few bites DO make for brilliant bartering.

This year in particular I have been fixated on filling my Christmas Cookie Plate with novel tastes and textures, flamboyant colors and drippingly good bites. I took out all of my old favorite recipes, then started a Christmas Cookie Recipe pinterest board to collect even more. A few of my favorites include:

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Your Christmas Cookie Plate