Celebrity Hairstyles for Women 50+

By on October 10, 2011

By: Tamekia Reece –

Who says young women are the only ones who can have fabulous hair? Just because you’ve passed the big 5-0, doesn’t mean your hair has to be drab. These celebs prove that you can be over 50 and still have head-turning hair!

Sharon Stone

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“Unafraid to show sex appeal, Sharon Stone has pushed age boundaries since first appearing on the silver screen. Her style staple—a blonde pixie that is both trendy and tantalizing—borders on both flirty and fun. The versatile look provides two variations for the star; worn sleek, the look is sophisticated and soft…worn spiked, the look provides an edgy and rebellious look that proves you don’t have to be twenty to rock a great style!”

Tip: “A great haircut is a must to keep a short style in shape. Hair worn shorter shows off the face and eyes and can provide an instant “lift” providing a younger appearance. Ask your stylist to texturize your hair for added dimension, and do use a pomade to separate and define the cut, creating an edgy look.” — Pam Kelly, Senior Director of National Technical Education for Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons www.fantasticsams.com

Kathie Lee

“Kathie Lee’s hair color compliments her skin tone. Her colorist uses warm shades of color, which looks amazing with her neutral skin tone. Hair color must compliment the skin tone to accentuate beauty.”

Tip: “Find the ‘best’ salon/stylist in your area & schedule a free consultation. During this consultation, ask what shades of color would go best in your hair & what style and hair cut would suit your facial structure best. The celeb’ women don’t mess around with their looks, they schedule with experts only.” — Nicole Cyrese, stylist at Sydney Albert Salon and Spa in Princeton, New Jersey www.nicolecyrese.com

Michelle Pfeiffer

Remember the old-fashioned “rule” that says women shouldn’t wear long hair after 40? Michelle Pfeiffer breaks that rule, and does it beautifully. In its natural state (the long, sexy waves), Pfeiffer’s hair softens her looks and makes her look years younger.

Tip: “Longer lengths should embrace their natural texture by applying a bit of volumizing mousse then blow dry, lifting hair away from the scalp instead of straight down. Finish by wrapping thick pieces of hair around the barrel of a large curling iron. Add a light dusting of hairspray, and voila!” — Cristophe, stylist with salons in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and other locations www.cristophe.com

Angela Bassett

“Angela Bassett is a beautiful lady with great style and a high taste level. She has a polished look that is professional and age appropriate, meaning that she isn’t trying too hard to look 25, and she looks years younger than her age. She often wears her hair slicked back and it has a glossy sheen that looks healthy and youthful.”

Tip: “Frequent trims, root touchups and keratin straightening therapy are important for mature hair to keep it in top shape. Wispy longer bangs, soft styles that flatter the face and camouflage flaws, without hard edges tend to look most polished and modern.” — Wendy Lewis, author of 11 beauty books and Founder/Editor in Chief of www.beautyinthebag.com

Susan Sarandon

“Susan Sarandon is a perfect example of a woman who isn’t afraid to age gracefully in Hollywood. With great bone structure and a distinctive face, Sarandon compliments her style by coloring her hair a warm shade of auburn, which compliments her skin tone, and natural coloring.”

Tip: “The best way to color grey hair is to receive a professional color consultation from a stylist. Often, women who attempt to color their hair at home choose a shade too dark for their skin tones, which will add years on to any face. Bring your stylist a picture of your natural hair color. Even if you want a different color, the stylist will be able to choose a color that is close to your natural level with similar tonal values to keep your hair looking great.” — Pam Kelly, Senior Director of National Technical Education for Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons www.fantasticsams.com

Heather Locklear

“Beautiful hair in the 50+ market to me is that gorgeous Heather Locklear hair: always silky, shiny and perfect in color and tone.”

Tip: “Everyone may not have the opportunity to get to NYC or Los Angeles for a cut or color, but you can experience red carpet hair in your own town simply by keeping up with your appointments, booking conditioning treatments in the salon once every 2-3 visits, and being gentle with those sometimes fragile tresses.” — Billy Lowe, celebrity hairstylist www.LoweLights.com


Tamekia Reece is a Houston-based freelance health writer. She’s written for  Women’s Day, Oxygen, Parents and Everydayhealth.com, among others. Visit her website at http://www.tamekiareece.com/.

About Tamekia Reece

Tamekia Reece is a health writer living in Houston, TX. She’s written for Woman’s Day, Parents and Oxygen, among others. See her website at www.tamekiareece.com.


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Celebrity Hairstyles for Women 50+