Building Your Summer Shopping List

By on July 4, 2019
Summer Shopping

Now that summer is almost upon us, it’s important to have everything ready in advance so that we can enjoy this special time of year. Creating a dedicated summer shopping list will ensure that you don’t forget anything you might need, and you can relax and enjoy the better weather and maybe even some vacation time too. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Water Filter 

Drinking water is crucial at any time of the year, but when it comes to the summer, and the temperatures rise dramatically, it’s vital – you don’t want to become dehydrated and have your summer ruined by sickness or even a stay in hospital. 

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Some people don’t like the idea of drinking water straight from the tap as they know it contains many impurities, and neither do they like the idea of drinking from bottled water because of the health risks (not to mention the environmental impact) associated with it. If this is how you feel, it will be worth installing a soft water filter in your home. You can then have soft water which is great for the skin and hair and makes cleaning easier, but you can also have safe, filtered water to drink at any time, keeping you fit and healthy throughout the year. 


A summer without swimming hardly bears thinking about. It’s the ultimate way to cool down, have fun, get exercise, and enjoy yourself, whether it is just you or whether you’re with friends and family. 

You might be lucky enough to have your own pool at home, but even if you don’t, that shouldn’t be a reason not to swim. Find your nearest communal pool or water park, or head to the beach if you can get there. Make sure you spend at least a little time splashing around and enjoying yourself this summer. 

To really feel comfortable when you’re swimming, buying a fantastic swimsuit or pair of trunks will help. Take your time searching for something that will fit well and make you feel good because you don’t want to be feeling self-conscious when you’re meant to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. 


There is nothing quite like dining al fresco when you can, and this is more likely in the summer than at any other time of the year. Having a barbecue at home means that you can enjoy freshly cooked meat, fish, and vegetables at any time – a gas grill is easy to start up and quick to cook on, and it will mean you can cook and eat outside whenever the weather is good enough and whenever the feeling strikes. 

There are many different barbecues on the market, so it is essential to research before buying. Look at reviews and testimonials, and make sure you know the size of the grill before you purchase it, especially if you are buying online; you don’t want something huge arriving that won’t fit in your outside space. Equally, something too small might mean it is difficult to cook enough food for everyone at once, making grilling something you don’t do as often as you might. 

Sun Protection 

The sun is amazing, and we all love to be bathed in its warmth, but it is also dangerous, and too much of it without protection can cause irreparable damage to the skin. It can cause terrible burns (sometimes they can even leave scars), blisters, sunstroke, and even skin cancer. So it is vital that you use sun protection whenever you are outside, even if it the day seems to be a cloudy one. 

Buying your sunscreen in advance is a good idea. When the weather starts to get hot, stocks could run low with people buying last minute. It is also a good idea to buy a hat to protect your head when you go outside, as you could overheat and become unwell without one.


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Building Your Summer Shopping List