Reasons Why You Keep Delaying Your Plans for Selling Your Property

By on July 4, 2019
Selling your property

Letting go of a place you called home for the past several years isn’t easy. It’s the reason why you keep holding on to it. You already found a new place, but you still not convinced that you should be selling your property. Your emotional attachment to the property is only one of the many reasons why you can’t let go of it. These are other reasons why.

You’re waiting for the right time 

Waiting for the perfect time is a practical idea. You want to sell the property at a price it deserves. You need to study the market first and compare the price of other properties in the area. You also want someone to purchase it at a price close to the original offer. If you’re confident that the property is worth the price, it’s understandable if you won’t close any deal just yet. 

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There are ongoing projects nearby

The price of properties will drastically increase when there are nearby projects. For instance, the government plans to build a railway station a few metres away from your house. It could also be a shopping mall or a tourist destination. Some people prefer residing in areas close to these places. Therefore, as soon as those projects are about to finish, you can expect the properties in the neighbourhood to increase their values drastically. If you wait for that time, it’s a good idea.

You’re still making money out of the property

There’s no need to rush the sale of your property if you’re still making money out of it. For instance, if you decided to put it on Airbnb, or someone decided to rent the place on a long-term basis. Since you already have a new home, and the old property keeps making money, you can wait for a while before deciding to sell the property.

You don’t feel secure in your new place yet

When you decided to move to a new place, you knew it was a gamble. You left everything back home because you thought things would be better for you and your family. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. The good thing is that if you didn’t sell your property, going back home is always an option. You don’t need to stay with your current job or in a neighbourhood you don’t want if you have a home to go back to.

The right time will come 

Postponing your plans to sell the property doesn’t mean you won’t ever sell it. Perhaps, the time will come when you realise that it’s best to let go and start a new life elsewhere. Besides, you can’t afford to continue paying two mortgages. You need whatever amount you will get out of the sale of your old property.

You need to meet with an estate agent to discuss the plans once you decide that you’re going to sell your house. You can find agents who know a lot about houses for sale in Brentwood. If your property is in the area, you might sell it quickly.


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Reasons Why You Keep Delaying Your Plans for Selling Your Property