Are You Spending a Day with the Grand kids? Here’s How to Make it Great

By on July 5, 2019
Grand kids

If you are a grandparent – whether for the nth time or for the first time – it’s always great to spend a day or two with your grandkids. The thing today is that grandparents are a lot more active (and often younger as well), so you can easily have a fun day with your grandkids without getting all tired out. But if your grandkids are at that certain age where they are easily bored (e.g. have the attention span of a butterfly), then you’d best make sure that you have some brilliant activities in store. So, are you spending a day with the grandkids? Here’s how to make it great.

A nature walk 

Since it’s summertime, it’s the perfect time to have a nice, long, leisurely walk outdoors. If there is a park nearby, you can take them there for the day, and on the way, you can collect some nature treasures such as rocks, leaves, and flowers. 


Make it an arts and crafts day

All children love to do some arts and crafts, such as drawing, colouring, and what-not. There are a lot of wonderful ideas for arts and crafts as well, including making non-toxic slime (yes, it is possible!) and making homemade clay or playdough. If you’re interested in the non-toxic slime activity, all you need is some school glue, some shaving cream, saline solution (from contact lenses), and food colouring to make different colours. Of course, you can always go simple by providing your grandkids with some colouring pens and pencils, sheets of paper, and other handy arts and crafts supplies, and letting them go wild.

Bake it and eat it 

Here’s another awesome activity for you and your grandkids: baking! Sweets and other goodies are irresistible to children, as we all know, and you can make the most of it by letting your grandkids bake some sweet treats with you. If you aren’t into baking, though, you can do something else: make some chocolate treats with some chocolate moulds, such as the ones from MoldyFun. It’s simple as well: melt some chocolate bars and pour the melted chocolate into the mould of your liking, and there are various shapes you can choose from as well, such as cute animals, flowers, alphabet letters, simple round moulds, and even Jenga moulds. Your grandchildren will surely love it.

Present them with some classic reads 

Reading seems to be a lost pastime nowadays, but it doesn’t have to be this way with you and your grandkids. You can make a day of it by visiting the library and tracking down some beloved classics which you can read together with your grandkids, or you can visit the nearby bookshop and pick out some children’s books that your grandkids will love. 

Play some classic board games

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Board games will always be a hit with children as well, and even the older ones will love to play a game or two of Monopoly and Trivia and other classic board game hits. You can also have a bit of fun with card games and puzzles, such as Crazy Eights – the list is seemingly endless. As already mentioned, there are lots of board games to play, and here are a few: Scrabble, Clue, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, the Game of Life, Chess, Twister, and the ever-popular Monopoly. Get ready for hours of fun and laughter.


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Are You Spending a Day with the Grand kids? Here’s How to Make it Great